Chapter 27: Hey Brother

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With many hours still left in the night, the families split to go to their various houses. Eve stuck close to Nelyo and Káno. Even she could feel the anger and frustration radiating off Fëanáro as he led their party home. Curvo and Nerdanel stuck closest to him. Tyelko and Moryo walked with the Ambarussa, leaving Nelyo, Káno, and Eve to bring up the rear.

“Are you returning to my parents’ house for sleep? Or are you not tired.” Nelyo walked beside Eve, his hands held behind his back. He glanced at her sidelong.

Eve raised an eyebrow back at him and smirked. “Why? You've got an idea of something else to do?”

He allowed a small smile to creep onto his face. “Perhaps. My brothers and I will not be sleeping, I would guess. Not for some time at least.” He leaned over to whisper to her. “Besides, being in my father’s house tonight may not be enjoyable. He is in a foul mood.”

Eve nodded back at him. That much she had figured already. Glancing around she made her decision then. For the group had reached a crossroads where they would split.

“I’m going to go with these guys,” Eve told Nerdanel with a quick smile.

The woman nodded. “Of course. Do not do anything too crazy tonight. Be careful with the dress.”

“Trust me, this dress is going to be in tip top shape when I take it off,” Eve assured her immediately. “It's too nice.”

With that they split apart. All five adult sons of Fëanáro and Nerdanel went together before splitting even further as they retreated to their respective houses. Moryo, Káno, Nelyo, and Eve soon found themselves walking up a stone path through a grassy yard. Flowers of all colors and several large bushes lined the house they approached. The door had been crafted of a cherry wood, and Káno pushed it open upon their arrival.

Eve smiled as she walked in. To her right, a large medium wood table stood with six matching chairs around it. To her left, a sitting room with cushioned chairs and couches, made for an inviting scene. A winding staircase led up to a lofted room while a hallway running back led to more bedrooms. A large kitchen sat behind the sitting room where Eve could see what looked like a brick oven and other cooking tools.

“Nice house,” she said with a smile as she walked inside and maneuvered her way to a cushioned chair in the sitting room.

“Thank you,” replied Káno quickly.

Nelyo and Moryo both said they'd be back in a minute; they wanted to change into looser clothing. Káno offered to stay with Eve.

“Hey that's not fair that you guys get to change,” she objected immediately. “I don't get to change!”

But Nelyo merely laughed and continued to his room. “Not all is fair, Eve.”

She rolled her eyes and pouted for a moment before Káno’s laugh jerked her out of her musings. With a glare, she faced him head on.

“Do not be upset because you are stuck in that dress,” Káno insisted quickly. “You look nice, at least.”

“I mean, yeah, but I'd rather be wearing pants… or not a fancy dress.” Eve shrugged and looked around.

Frames with pressed flowers hung along the walls and painted portraits of Nerdanel and Fëanáro, the Ambarussa, Tyelko, and Curvo sat upon the fireplace mantlepiece. Káno followed her gaze and smiled.

“These were painted not long ago.” He got up and threw a few logs and tinder into the fireplace before using flint to light it. “There. Now we shall have better lighting than a few candles and the light of Telperion.”

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