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MELEE (n.) - confusion; turmoil; jumble.

) - confusion; turmoil; jumble

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  While they were passing by the Sea's Pack, her eyes glittered with amusement. From the train's window, she could have noticed how all of their houses were separated by only a few feet, as their roofs were covered with levees and grass in the form of a camouflage. There was no snow that would follow them from the Winter's Pack, so the green color was the most dominant in the surrounding of their territory.

The area where they would train was filled with Wolves. Even from the far distance, she observed the way their movements were strong, harsh, and unpredictable while they were hitting or defending themselves. Some were even covered with mud as if they were the ones who failed the most, as the strongest ones were spotlessly clean.

The male Wolves were filled with layers upon layers of muscles, while the female Wolves were so perfectly lean and so glamorous with their movements like they were dancing the most dangerous tango.

Amaya couldn't help herself but wonder about their rules. Each Pack had their rules, some which didn't include the other Packs or the King.

Amaya looked at the Alpha Jason who was looking at some video on his phone - the flashes of dimmed light was spread among his jaw and the tip of the nose, as his eyes were only focused on the display. By his side, Amaya's father was lightly snoring, as his head was bowed to the right side with his cheek pressed against the glass. Lucian was in the similar state of sleep with his head on her lap and arms around her waist tightly embracing her.

She began cuddling his light hair like a cat. ''Alpha Jason...'' She tried to control her tone of voice not to wake her father and Lucian, only to gain her Alpha's attention. Luckily, Alpha Jason looked right away at her. ''What are the rules in Sea's Pack?'' She wondered like a little pup.

Alpha Jason glanced through the window, seeing the beautiful distant mountains, green meadows, and distant woods. ''They are one of the oldest Packs, so it's easy to say their rules stayed the same as they were a few decades ago. For an example, they cannot cross the line of their Pack's territory if they are not granting the sacrifice to the Moon.'' On her cringed facial expression, he continued. ''They believe in Hunt.''

Amaya still could remember the section about Hunt back in the days in her school. The Hunt was the ceremony where single Wolves would gather around – no matter how normal it sounded, it was much more barbarically. The female Wolves were supposed to run, hide, seek for life in the woods, and male Wolves would hunt them. Of course, there was the fact the male Wolf who captured his female Wolf could basically enslave her if that's what he wished.

''They should be called barbarians, not connected to the Seas.'' She grunted before placing a light kiss on Lucian's temple who was still tightly asleep. His soft snores were relaxing her Wolf, and she felt like even her pup felt secured while Lucian was near them.

Alpha Jason covered the laughter by coughing lightly. ''It would be wrong for me to agree.'' He admitted, hiding his true opinion about the mentioned Pack they were passing by. ''They are extremely strong, to be honest. Even when there is the Hunt, it was rarity a female would actually be captured. Impossible, if that's what you wish to hear.''

For once, she hoped the female Wolves she saw through the window of the train, were much stronger than any female within her Pack. Fighting those male Wolves surely wasn't easy, and for that, she admired them more than any other Pack.

''And what about their pups? How are their raised?'' She immediately asked.

If the monster that attacked her was from the Sea's Pack, she needed to know the basics she could expect from her pup. It was no secret that the stronger genes could overpower the weaker, so her pup might be the same as its father – although, Amaya was ready to teach her pup the right way of living in Vesmen.

''They are sent to the Grey Magic's Pack until they are ready for the Hunt.''

Amaya's eyebrows rose in surprise. ''Why to them?'' It simply seemed weird to her that young female Wolves were willing to send their pups over the sea.

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