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Blood of the Maiden

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A life not chosen for me. A life I led. Once upon a time I was born, not of choice but maybe God wills it for a reason. Everything I done for the best….or is it?

 Sitting on my knees in my gown, too long for me, I looked at the bare wall in front of me. For most the wall was plain, but for me, I saw a cross….it glittered to me…warmed me….loved me…

I closed my eyes.

Tomorrow will be the day that I, once Jeanne D’ark, the Maid of Lorrenne….terror of the English…the witch…heretic will die. But I need to tell. There is much to tell... My confession was not allowed. I am yet a puppet at the hands of men. A marionette that does the bidding of her master. No more. No more…

You may have heard tales of me….

I do not doubt that much. But hear me. There is much to tell that was not. I was made to act this way…I –

But you will have time for me will you not? I beg off you listen not the folk around you. I beg and plead…I cannot yet be free…

Want to know the tale of Joan of Arc….let me tell you…

After all- only I know it fully. For I am …was…and forever will be Jeanne the Maid. Saviour of France... For you...let me just be Joan

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