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Vanessa stares down as her God Mother enters the hospital room. The room is silent besides the beeping.
Gloria walks up to Vanessa with pure joy and disbelief. Gloria reaches out to touch Vanessa to make sure she's not a ghost but Vanessa flinches.
"It's ok now..." Gloria mutters in a small voice. "He can't hurt you now."
"Where is my son?" Vanessa asks looking up with a hoarse voice from crying. Gloria is silent for awhile and sighs. "With your current condition the town doesn't think——"I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY THINK! WHERE IS MY GOD DAMMED SON!" Vanessa screams thrashing attracting the attention of two female nurses. Gloria shoos them away with her arm letting them know she can handle this.
"He's in foster care right now honey."
"What Why?!" Vanessa yells unable to comprehend her current situation.
"Honey the police found sausages in the cabins freezer." Gloria frowns grabbing hold of Vanessa's hands.
"Ya so they were from the market. Rylan told me so." Vanessa said defenselessly protecting her husband.
"The police found bodies near the cabin. Two infact. One of a missing girl which we both knew." Gloria breathed out heavily.
Vanessa was silent not liking where this conversation was heading.
"The sausages honey...." Gloria pressed on. Vanessa flinched snatching her hands away.
"For God sake..." Gloria heaved snatching back her hands forcing Vanessa to look at her. Vanessa held her hands tighter.
"They were people. He was feeding you people." Vanessa broke down in tears and Gloria held her. "My son..."
"I'm sorry dear..."

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