Freshman Fifteens COMMON ROOM Teen Mentoring Short Story Contest

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Want the chance to work one-on-one with a 2015 debut Young Adult author? Well then, you've come to the right place! Pitch your short story idea to the Freshman Fifteens right here on Wattpad starting June 30, 2014, and be entered for a chance to become the mentee of a 2015 debut author.


Who’s it for?

In order to enter the contest, you must be a teen between the ages of 13 and 19. You must commit to working with your mentor during the Summer and Fall of 2014, meeting the deadlines set by your mentor. (Note: It is open internationally but any winning books or swag due to the winners may not be able to be sent. If you are okay with those terms, please enter!)

When do I enter?

The COMMON ROOM contest will accept entries starting on June 30, 2014. The final date to submit your entry is July 25, 2014. Winners will be announced in August and will work with their mentor on revisions starting that month and continuing through October 31, 2014. The final story will be published in an anthology with your fellow winners in January 2015.

NOTE: The story must be complete by July 25, 2014. There won't be time to write it post that date because mentors will request it from you right away. However, DO NOT upload the entire short story to Wattpad. It just needs to be ready, sitting on your computer, waiting for us to chose it as a winner! Then winners will email the story to the mentor directly. You are only uploading a story that has a pitch, bio, writing sample and other details (see below).

What should I write?

An original, fictional short story, under 3,000 words, in any category.

Working with your mentor will begin immediately upon being selected as a winner in August, so make sure you’ve got that story ready before you pitch it! If the story is not ready for your mentor in August, you will be ineligible and an alternate will be chosen.

(Note: We will not be writing this short story *with* you. You write the story, send it to us, we give you feedback, you revise it!) 

How do I enter?

Hone your pitch! Mentors will be choosing their writers based on a short writing sample and a pitch of no more than 200 words. This is your “query pitch.” Basically a short description of your story. If you met someone in an elevator and they asked what your story was about, what would you say? Here’s a terrific site for help in crafting your story summary ( Show us your writing chops in this pitch, and you’ll be sure to nab a spot with one of our mentors!

(Note: DO NOT upload your entire story; it must be written (and ideally revised by you more than once!) by the close of the contest on July 25 because mentors will request it ASAP. If you win, but your story is not ready, you will be disqualified. Though the short story needs to be written in its entirety, DON'T upload the entire story on Wattpad: simply upload the pitch (description) and other details listed below . And be sure to upload it as a story; don't send it to us as a message in our inbox. If you have done that, please re-enter by uploading -- tagging and dedicating instead -- per the guidelines below.)

Entry details:

1. Upload, Dedicate & Tag.

STEP 1: Upload
your complete entry (including the required pieces below) as a story to Wattpad.
STEP 2: Dedicate it to this Freshman Fifteens Wattpad account (
STEP 3: Tag your entry using “freshman15scontest”. If you don’t dedicate and tag your entry, we won’t see it so be sure to do both!

2. In order to be considered, all entries must include the following:

* title of the work

* genre (all categories welcome!); please add your applicable genre and/or subgenre!

* word count (tell us the final word count of the story you are pitching: remember the final story must be 3,000 words or less; if you don't yet know the word count, give an approximate guess but remember when you write "the end" it can't be over 3,000 words!)

* pitch or description of the story (200 words or less)
* first paragraph of your story (100 words or less; if your first paragraph is more than 100 words, that's fine; just give us the first 100)

* short bio about you including your age (remember open to ages 13-19 only!) and anything relevant to your interest in writing (100 words or less)

* entry tagged with “freshman15scontest” and dedicated to the Freshman Fifteens Wattpad account (For more on how to dedicate, go here:

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