They have their exits and their entrances (Epilogue)

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A/N: A bit of steam in this chapter, though I kept the details dialed down to try and prevent it from being ludicrous. There is important things here other than smutt though, so enjoy the last chapter of this story. Finally. Thanks for sticking with it, and for pushing me to finish it properly.


This time when Nate snuck into Grace’s room, it was days before Christmas. There was deep snow drifts everywhere and the wind was so cold that it burned exposed skin. He stared down at his best friend and lover, an amused grin on his face as she was sprawled across her bed, drooling slightly and with her pajamas twisted around her; blanket cocooning her lower body. Unable to resist Nate traced icicle cold fingers across her belly and Grace woke up with a sharp gasp; shoving him away. With all the crap strewn across her floor, Nate almost tripped went down; which would have been tragic because then her father would find him in here and they still hadn’t exposed anyone to the fact that they were a couple yet. Luckily Nate regained his balance without a loud topple and immediately returned to the bed, lifting the hem of Grace’s shirt so he could press a freezing hand to her belly, loving the way she squeaked as she bit her lip to keep from making a louder noise than that. With her eyes closed as she tried to squirm free of his cold hand, Nate didn’t resist the desire to add his equally cold lips to her belly and was rewarded with a gasp the second before she grabbed his hair with a not so gentle tug, eliciting a grunt from him. He’s known about her stomach being one of her turn-ons for years now and has used it mercilessly against her, but Grace was new to the realization that Nate loved it when she grabbed his hair and yet she used it most effectively.

They had somehow established a strange little game when he snuck into her room to visit; the goal was to try and make the other one make a louder sound first, as if daring the parents to catch them. Most of the time it was playful teasing but occasionally they’d get bolder, and although Nate had started this round of the game this time, it was Grace who quickly increased the difficulty setting. As Nate pulled away from her stomach, she swiftly pulled her top completely off, rolling onto her side and grabbed the top of his jeans to get him into bed with her; something Nate was all too happy to oblige her on. He knelt on the bed with Grace’s fingers still curled over and against his stomach, almost struggling to pull his shirt off in a hurry. Grace wasn’t  waiting for him to brace himself though, fingers already pulling the button and fly loose on his jeans to reach into his pants and it was Nate who had to hold back a startled sound now. With his shirt finally untwisted, he dropped it and pulled jeans and boxers away, all without Grace ever letting him out of her grip which was really difficult to manage.

“Grace…” Nate breathed a warning as she bent to match her mouth to her hand and his own fingers scrabbled at air as he fought back another sound. She didn’t show him any mercy though, having quickly learned exactly how to ruin his concentration with application of teeth and tongue. Nate’s breathing hitched, a moan hastily swallowed in his throat before it could escape into the room.

It was only fair that he retaliate, so Nate slipped his fingers under the band of Grace’s pajamas and pushed them down her thighs until he could twist himself carefully to assault her with his tongue in return. Grace’s moan was muffled with him inside her mouth but feeling it against his skin was just as exciting. While on his side in this position he only had one hand free and he stroked the fingers across her, chasing them with his tongue until she trembled. Grace was trying to match his torment but her cries of pleasure were almost as distracting as her sucking had been. With one last deep kiss, Nate removed himself from her and listened to her panting breaths as he snuck across the room to grab a condom from his jacket by the window.  They couldn’t keep a box in her room, but he knew them both well enough to bring some just in case. When he returned to the bed, Grace has moved over to make room for him and he slide under the covers gratefully, having opened her window to sneak in had dropped the temperature more than was pleasant. What was pleasant was pressing Grace’s back to his chest, fondling her nipple with one hand and using the other to hold her leg. The warmth of sinking into her more than made up for any cold outside and he knew Grace was biting her lips to keep the sounds in.  It was hard to keep his thrusts slow and controlled; not wanting to risk the head board banging or rushing to the finish. Grace held her own leg over his and pulled his hand to her mouth, teeth gently biting against the base of his thumb as she used his hand to cover the sounds of her moaning. Nate had his face buried behind her ear, breath hot and rapid against her neck as he let her hear his own soft sounds of pleasure. And then there was a knock at the door, making them both hold still in shock.

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