Chapter-23 "The Hunt"

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Due to my bad health I was advised bed rest, and trust me people sleeping is the only thing in the world that I love to do, but somehow today any signs of sleep deprived me.

I was wide awake and was shifting uncomfortably on the bed. As I was trying to get sleep someone knocked on the door I asked the person to come in and he did.

It was leo, he was wearing khaki shorts and a black t-shirt. He came towards my bed and said

"how are you feeling "
I was happy that he cared for me
" much better than before" I replied
" Good, that means you can accompany me to the hunt, you can't refuse it's father's order"
I frowned at him, I was such a fool to think that he'd care for me.. Huh such an selfish asshole.

"um okay I'll be at the gate in minute"
I said. He nodded and left the room.

I got up, the bruise wasn't hurting so much now. I was feeling much better than before, I put a tank top, a long black skirt accompanied by a pair of pumps.

I hurried over to the gate because  I didn't wanted to get in a argument with leo, not right now.

I reached the gate and there he was standing with his arms crossed tapping his feet on the ground annoyed. I slowly walked towards him. There was a carriage waiting for us at the palace gate. I was going towards the carriage as leo held my arm and pulled me back roughly.
He then shouted at me
"What took you so long! " I was furious but there were a lot of people there staring at us so I swallowed my anger and uttered a meek sorry.
To which he smirked at me and let go of my arm.

My face was a bright red from the embarrassment and anger. I was so gonna get back at him for this. I sat at the back of the carriage. Leo was sitting at the front and Edward was sitting at the back with me. All through the journey I was fuming with rage. As I was planning my revenge I noticed a pair of eyes staring at me, I looked up to see Edward staring at me with eyes full of hatred , I shifted uncomfortably on my seat. The whole ride to the woods was frustrating.

As we reached the hunting spot, finally I felt relieved. I hopped down the carriage and took a breath of relief.

After the guards shifted all the hunting equipment down leo and edward were ready to hunt. I wasn't interested in hunting nor I was good at it. So I decided to discover the woods.

I stretched and was about to go deeper in the forest, when suddenly leo said
" where the fuck are you going? "
I was now annoyed so I decided to ignore him, he kept on calling but I went on without giving him any answer I wasn't answerable to him nor I was some kind of slave.
The last I heard of leo was a sigh of frustration which gave me satisfaction.

I was roaming around in the woods when suddenly someone called my name and I turned around.

And believe me I wasn't expecting that person right now


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