You're way better off without me

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(JJ'S P.O.V)

I have been trying my best at this choreography, but I just can't seem to get the dance right. I keep messing up!

I was able to see J-hope's reaction not really good. He was obviously angry at me.

"JJ would you please focus?! We would've been home by now, but you're being too inconsiderate to even learn one stupid move!" He yelled at me, causing me to flinch a little because he's not the type of person to yell at me.

"I-I'm sorry... I just..."

"You just what? JJ! Focus! Please!"

"I-I will..." I say as I get back to practicing, trying my best to ignore his glares at me.

I got way too nervous and ended up falling on the floor, biting my lips due to embarrassment and preparing myself for the yelling that's about to come.


"Hoseok calm down," Jin told him.

"How can I calm down when she's acting like that?! That's exactly why I didn't want a new female member in the first place! Because it was obvious she would end up acting like a brat!"

"Jung Hoseok! Be careful of what comes out of your mouth!" Suga scolded him.

J-hope rolled his eyes, "We were way better off as 7 members."

Everyone gasped, and I bit my lips so I wouldn't cry, "N-no... he's right. You guys are way better off without me."

Before they could say anything to me I quickly ran out the door, slamming it behind me.

(Author's P.O.V)

"Great job! Look at what you've done! Are you happy now?!" RM yelled at him as he held him by his shirt.

"Jungkook where are you going?" Jimin asked the boy who grabbed his jacket and headed to the door.

"To find JJ," that was all he said before he disappeared.

(JJ'S P.O.V)

I was walking aimlessly in the streets in the middle of the night, not caring where I go.

I heard tires screeching behind me, but I ignored it.

Suddenly, a black van stops beside me and the door opens revealing 3 men dressed in black with guns in their hand.

(Jungkook's P.O.V)

I ran after JJ only to stop at my tracks when I saw a black van slow down next to her.

"No! JJ!"

I started running as fast as my legs could take me and started to fight the men, trying to release their grip from her.

I was so angry that I didn't notice the third one come up behind me and grab me by my shoulders and throw me against a pile of boxes.

My vision was so blurry.

I saw them apply a rag full of chloroform to her face and then carry her inside the car and speeding off.

My heart dropped after realizing that I have failed to protect her.

(Author's P.O.V)

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