chapter 2.

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When I arrived at home I stood there and had to recall what just happened. I'm hired? A big smile formed itself on my mouth. "Oh my god" I finally got a job!

I ran to my room, opened my laptop and texted my best friend. We have a long distance friendship and she's the only one I have. I've known her since 5 Years now.

Then I put some music on. I had to wait until I get an answer. "Oh yeah I should watch Idol Producer today. Since it's starting today and they'll announce the rankings." My glance fell on the watch. It's only one hour away from starting.

Slowly I got myself up to change into something comfortable. Then I went to the TV and watched some other shows.

- Time skip -

"Uhhh the next show is idol producer. Let's see how skilled these guys in dancing are" I said. When the show started, the first person I saw was the Judge Yixing. His words came into my mind again.

- Flashback -

"One important rule you're never allowed to break: No romance allowed" He stared at me intesively. I stood there, not sure what to say.. "Ah.. I didn't even think about that!" I began to tell him exactly the truth.

I really didn't even think about that. "Good. Continue thinking so" For the first time he gave me a smile.. well more like a smirk.

- Flashback ends here -

Why did he think like that? I mean if he thinks I only applied because of that, that's wrong. "No nevermind. I bet he didn't think that's the reason."

The show started and I watched it without saying a word. One by one or even in groups the trainees gather together. I thought a lot of things. Then there came this guy. He was tall and had bright hair. The jacket he wore was blue.

This one's really handsome. That wasn't the only thing I thought about him. I felt like he had real talent. Sure the other have talents too but I just.. have a good feeling about him. He will learn fast for sure.

I got excited to see him perform and I don't know why. A lot of the trainees already knew him but I never saw him. Even tho I'm more like the type to scroll through instagram and other social medias.

The trainees started performing. Some could sing, some could rap and some of them could dance while singing or rapping. The guy I mentioned before was now the one to perform.

I got to know his name. It was Cai Xukun. When he talked about the song he mentioned that it was his. I was impressed. The song started and he began to perform. And I thought. He's amazing. He didn't have a single move wrong.

I focused mostly on the dancing. His dance was smooth. It was just great I think. I liked it a lot. When he finished everyone clapped and I was so amazed that I didn't notice I'm clapping too.

"I think we will get along well Cai Xukun"

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. This one's bad I know. I'm trying my best!

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