Chapter 03: Emergency Repairs

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Martin shook his head angrily. "No, nothing beyond what we have now. I'm still finding it hard to believe that they sent us into this situation with so little intel."

"That's top secret research for you," Eve muttered. She looked at Ferros. "Anything?"

The medic was deep in thought. "Maybe if I could study the decoys we were given, but..." she sighed and shook her head. "We don't have the time or the resources on this ship to even begin to do that, so no."

She looked at Case and his crew. "What about you three, any ideas?" She'd brought all of them up to speed since they were all in this together.

"No," Case replied. "Believe me, it's all I've been thinking about since you informed me that there's a giant killer alien snake on my ship. Hate snakes."

"I don't have anything," Santos said.

Riley straightened up. "Me neither, and it's looking like this scan is going to take a little while longer before I can determine what to do and how to do it," she replied.

Eve sighed. They had to do something. She fell silent, closing her eyes and thinking about the situation. How to contain this creature? She sifted through her memories, her thoughts, her plans, trying to see if anything came to her. They'd all dealt with weird, bizarre shit before, her and her fellow teammates back at Anomalous Ops, and they'd had to come up with ways to handle the situation. Though that usually involved blowing something up because that rarely went wrong. Except for that time that Jennifer was on that asteroid and had to-

Eve opened up her eyes suddenly. "I know how to deal with it," she said. They all looked at her expectantly. "We freeze it."

"What?" Santos asked.

"We turn off life support to the lower level, all power and heating elements. It'll go into a deep freeze in fifteen minutes."

"What if that kills it?" Martin asked.

"It's the best plan we've got and if it does kill it, least it will be well preserved. Either way, if we don't do something we're going to get killed. One of you, turn off life support for the bottom deck," she said, looking between Riley and Santos.

Riley turned away from them, back to one of the control panels and started working it. A few minutes passed in silence. Abruptly, she growled in frustration and let her hands drop. "I can't. One of the many things that was damaged was a junction box that allows me to control life support from the bridge. I need to do it manually...down in the engine bay."

"Shit," Eve muttered. "How the hell do we get down there and back?"

She looked around again at the others, straining her brain for a plan that wasn't suicidal. Abruptly, Ferros straightened up, a spark in her gaze. "EVA," she said. "We suit up and walk along the hull from here down to another airlock down there. It isn't completely safe, but it bypasses a lot of the danger," she explained.

"Perfect. Okay, Ferros and Martin and I will deal with this, and-"

"No, I need to do it," Riley said. "Same thing as with the aux generator. You need me to make this happen. I know where the junction box is and the likeliest way to fix it."

Eve frowned, considering it. Finally, she nodded. "Fine. Grab whatever you need, suit up and wait for us by the airlock. Martin, Ferros, with me, we're getting our gear on. Once we're done, Ferros, I want you doing everything you can to determine how we can fix the engines and the communications, got it?"

There was a string of affirmative replies.

Eve turned and left the bridge, leading them out of it.

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