"Well, you broke your right foot," a bald doctor said with a thick german accent. Like that wasn't already obvious. I could feel my leg giving up on me as soon as I tried to stand up. I rolled my eyes, just as he turned his back, getting me a scolded look from Jesse who was more worried than I am.

"How long does she have to keep this cast Dr. Kimon?" Jesse's question laced with concern.

I was quite more concern about my meeting with Enrico tonight, it was a Gala dinner. He texted me as soon as I hit the hospital bed, and I texted him quickly assuring him I'll be there just like planned. It was a way to get to know more businessman and new partner for the Grandeaur Co.

"Do you think she can take a bath with this cast ?" Jesse asked yet once again another random question that happened to be in his mind.

"Jesse," I placed a hand on his shoulder to calmed him from killing the doctor with boredom, "it's just a broken foot, I'm sure I can figure things. The event is in three hours, please take me back now. I'm fine, see."

Standing up I hop on my good leg, twirling my hands in the air like a circus clown, before Jesse sending me a wince. "Okay, sit down Amelia" It was an order that I didn't bother to defy.

"Ja! Listen to the lady bitte! She's fine" Doctor bald said exhausted . I rolled my eyes at him, he was not helping.

"I pay you Dr. Kimon," Jesse warned, "unless you want to get fired then answer all my damn questions."

The old Jesse was back.

Dr. Kimon staggered from fear and bow his head in respect. What kind of 80s shit was this? Now I felt bad for the man.

Jesse sighed and help me walk out with my new cast .

In under an hour minutes jesse was able to take me back to my hotel. But then I only had less than two hours to get ready, which pricing to be a task with the huge cast. I took a thirty minutes shower, which was mostly trying putting my pants off. I told Jesse specifically that I was fine and could manage by myself, but he was adamant to make sure I made it to the gala in piece. Apparently he was in one of the list. So both of us were going together. Now I wasn't sure if I wanted people to see that, but I knew Jesse wouldn't like a no.

As I wrapped myself in the white hotel robe, tying it tightly, Jesse appeared down the hallway towards my room. He was dressed in all navy suit, deliciously matched his eyes, and hair was styled back in an old classic cut.

He was mouthwatering.

I gulped nervously why did he had such an affect on me.

Was he oblivious to his charming looks or was he hiding the fact that I was flustered to save me from embarrassment. I would go for the latter. Instead of a smirk, he was watching me with lust clouding his eyes. The room was definitely getting hotter, and I fondled with the rope of my robe.

Eeek! I forgot I was wearing a robe.

I looked away blushing before opening up my second suitcase filled with my makeup, accessories and the dress for tonight.

A sigh escaped my lips when I looked at the dress I chose back in NY, I didn't know if the dress would go well with a freaking cast. Jesse appeared next to me, hovering over my shoulder and whispered, "you'll look good in it. Go ahead and wear it."

I blushed even more.

Slowly reaching for the dress, I lifted up to scanned it before deciding that I didn't have any choice now. I didn't bring any second option dress, so I had to wear this.

It was a blue floor length midnight sequence dress, with a heart shaped top, and no sleeves. It was beautiful, I wore it twice for a party, and decided this was the only thing worth for red carpet in my closet.

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