Chapter Eight-" and"

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~Dedicated to clumsy first kisses~

Chapter Eight-" and"

Kissing is something that you learn to improve with years. I mean there is a lot involved with kissing, two people; lips and of course there’s always open mouth kissing which involved tongues. I suppose kissing isn’t only disgusting when you’re little, obviously when you grow older and find someone who you’re clearly not attracted to, the thought of kissing them is more than just disgusting, it’s absolutely revolting.

So, if you had to tell me two weeks ago that I was going to be pressed up against the cold wall, with Sean Gregory looking at me like I was the most precious thing a guy could have ever laid eyes on, I would have laughed in your face. Oh, and let’s not forget that he was offering to teach me how to kiss this very minute. Yes, I Vivienne Lanter, the reformed geek who still did Math for fun was being offered to be taught kissing by the sexy bad boy who spoke with a slight British accent and occasionally used combat boots.

Do it Viv, you know you want to. He’s hot, he’s got skills and what’s there to lose? Dave isn’t going to find out and besides, it’s just a kiss. You’re giving up your Virgin Lips status, not your white veil to your wedding. My eyes fell onto Sean’s lips, they were full and soft and I could feel the warmth of his breath fanning across my face. He smelt intoxicating, sweet and spicy and oh so good. But then, what would happen to Dave and me?

“Lanter,” Sean brought me out of my thoughts, “it’s just a kiss. I’m not going to hurt you.”

My cheeks heated in embarrassment. Yup Viv, you probably stared at him too long like he was a rapist. Way to go on blowing your chance to kiss the hottest Sex God in school.

“I…uh…you and me…us…” I squeaked out unintelligently.

Sean chuckled, leaning slightly closer he spoke, “Trust me on this,” he smiled smugly, “after you get taught by me, Dave won’t know what hit him.”

I felt myself nodding, staring into Sean’s deep hazel eyes and that smug little smirk he had on. My chest tightened, my stomach suddenly felt like it was tumbling out of control, my knees grew weaker and my head began to spin. I bit back a sound of protest as Sean positioned himself closer to me, his hands sliding under my chin, cupping my face in his warm palms and his head dipping down slightly as he grinned boyishly at me.

This was it. Vivienne Lanter, you are going to be kissed, losing your Virgin Lips status for good, no more geek and no more turning back.

“Close your eyes Lanter,” Sean instructed.

With a deep breath, I shut my eyes feeling my nerves racing like I was running a marathon. My stomach had gone from tumbling around aimlessly to somersaulting non-stop. My skin had burst out into goose pimples and I could feel my cheeks heating up again in another blush. Sean’s warmth was burning through my skin, causing my breathing to grow faster and my fingers to curl into my palms.

It took me a moment to realise that Sean was kissing me.

His lips were warm and soft against mine, moving ever so slowly against my mouth as he pressed closer into me. I felt my eyes flying open as I stared at the gorgeous guy in front of me, his face against mine and his deep hazel eyes hidden behind closed eyelids. Panic flooded through my body, what was I supposed to do? I felt like crawling into a hole and dying there, what if Sean opened his eyes and realised that I was a hopeless case who couldn’t be taught how to kiss?

“Open,” Sean murmured before pressing his lips back onto mine, “your mouth,” he pressed another kiss against my lips, “Lanter.”

I shuddered slightly at the tiny tingles that had begun to form at my lips, before doing as Sean said. My lips parted hesitantly, and I was awarded by getting a blast of hot breath that somehow mixed with mine. Instantly my eyes shut, my chest getting tighter as Sean continued to move his lips against mine. Forgetting about my thoughts, I let my mouth move in synch with Sean’s, allowing him to guide them as his lips parted wider against mine.

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