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Your POV
"I am on my way Lisa. I am in the elevator. Please wait for me." I said and hung up. I have to go somewhere today.

I exited the building and saw Lisa's car parked right in front.

"Sorry! Got late! I hope you know where we are going." I sat in the car and looked at Lisa's resting face.

"I swear to God Y/N, whatever you are doing is not gonna change anything." Lisa said.

"What's wrong with trying?"

I said and reached for the seat belt. I saw Chanyeol standing in front of the entrance of his building. I think he saw me. I quickly turned around.

"Lisa! Quick! I think Chanyeol saw me! He might ask me about where I am going, so please, drive fast!" I panicked and whispered to Lisa.

She accelerated and we were out of the driveway of the building now. Phew!


*Queue some hard metal*

We reached our destination. I got out of the car and stood there, looking at the palace of the devil.

"What is your plan. We are here at his gallery, but what now?" Lisa asked.

"I don't know either..... But I wanna do some interrogation." I said and walked in the gallery. The receptionist recognised me and greeted me.

"Where is Jim-" I was mid sentence when Lisa and I saw Jungkook walk down the staircase to Jimin's office.

"Jungkook?" I spoke. He was in the middle of reading something from his file when he looked at me.

"Oh! Hello Ms. L/N. Nice to meet you. Are you here to meet Mr. Park?" He asked. His gaze diverted towards Lisa. Both of them were shook.

"Umm.... Hello?!" I snapped them out. Geez, both of their mouths were dropped low.

"Yes, I am here to meet Jimin. Is he in his office?" I asked.

"Y-Yes. He is their. See you later, I am getting late." Jungkook said and left hastily.

Lisa looked back and sighed.

"You know him?"

"Oh... No. I don't know him." Lisa said. I know she is lying. We went upstairs and entered Jimin's room. He was sitting on his seat behind the desk and Hobi was sitting in front.

He stopped and looked at me, not bothered.

"What is this nonsense? What are you doing here in my office without my permission?!" Jimin spoke.

"I wanna talk Mr. Park, because apparently, you have lost your mind?! I mean seriously! You can't even handle your pea sized brain properly!!" I snapped.

Jimin got up.

"I wanna talk with her alone." Jimin said and Hobi and Lisa dismissed.

I looked at him.

"Why did you give half of your part of the company to Chanyeol?! Without my permission that to!" I yelled.

"My choice! By the way, I just handed him a quarter. Get your facts checked! And you did sign the papers, so, don't blame me."

"When did I sign them?!!"

"Here look for yourself!!" Jimin handed me some papers with mine and his signature on them. But I don't remember signing any!

"But why did you? What's the point in handing a quarter of your half to Chanyeol?! You won't have anything now. Plus, he already owns 15% of the shares! Jimin, this doesn't make any sense!" I said in a frusterated tone.

Jimin walked up to me and stopped a few inches away from me.

"You are not a part of my life anymore, so don't try to act like you control me." He said in a deep threatening voice. Deep inside, I felt my heart's shattered pieces turn to dust.

"Jimin.... I know..... You know that there is something wrong. All that is happening is spontaneous and I know we will regret by the end. Tell me....... What game are you playing with me?"

"I wish this was a game Y/N. I wish I could exit it as fast as I could.... But I am afraid it's worse than anything." Jimin said, looking down at the floor.

"Why were you warning me about Chanyeol? Why were you saying that I shouldn't trust him?"

Jimin looked up at me. He was silent.

"I would appreciate if you would get lost for the moment." He said and walked to his desk.

"One more question. Who is she? I heard your conversation on the phone. You said you are divorcing me because of "her". Who is she?" I asked.

I saw his sweat freeze on his forehead.


I was in awe.

"You know what Jimin? No matter how much I try to think that you are acting this up, you always let me down with that bitchy attitude. You were not like this before. You were a better human when I met you. A scared one. A lonely one. A person who deprived love. I don't know if "she" is making you do this, but I hope you are treating her better. I hope she is happy. And I hope you don't do the same to her as you did to me." I said and paused to look at his innocent face.

"It's such a shame that what a bastard you have turned out to be. You are an a**hole! YOU ARE WORTHLESS MR. PARK! YOU ARE ARROGANT AND SELFISH!" I shouted and exited. I was boiling with anger.

Lisa stopped me.

"What happened?" Hobi asked.

"Why are you asking me? Ask him! Lately Mr. A**hole has decided not to explain himself but just disown both his love and his property! He is a lunatic!" I angrily said and rushed out of the building.

"Y/N! Y/N! Wait!" Lisa called out as I sat in the car furiously.

Lisa came and sat on the driver's seat.

"I told you. There is no point. You can't change anything!" Lisa scolded me. I just sat there, still.


Jimin POV
I can't believe what I have turned her into. She has gone insane.

I have to do something. I have to get him to her over to me, only then I will be able to gain Y/N's trust back.

I walked out of my office and saw Hobi staring at me.

"Where is Jin-Hyung?" I asked.

"He is in Australia to shoot a drama."

"When will he be back?"

"4 Months. Hey, what did she say?" Hobi was concerned.

"Hyung..... I don't know. I just..... The only thing I saw in her was anger and disgust."

"It's okay. Everything will be fine soon." Hyung patted my shoulder and gave me a smile.

My life is messed up. I have to betray Y/N like this because I am vulnerable.

A/N: Wassup?! I know this chapie was weird, but I want the transition to be smooth. Next time, I will make sure to give you guys the nugget! I will update soon, but remember, my exams are getting over in April and now, I have all the deadly exams ahead, so I won't have much free time!

I will update freely after my exams get over! And guess what, Miniso (a Japanese brand) opened a store near my house, so I will go there too!! After the exams.....

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