38: No Road is Long without Good Company

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No Road is Long without Good Company

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Kingdom of Radius, Neumont Duchy, Tendall.

Just now, Aina remembered the place they had just left. She suddenly leaked a breath while looking ahead.

The sky was blue and the wind was calm.

The sun was warm, and it was a good day for traveling.

Even so, she was somewhat depressed...

"...Hmm. My intuition is saying that way is suspicious!" (Soma)

"It is certain that there is no mistake since Nii-sama is saying so! I will also accompany you!" (Lina)

Well, again, it went without saying that the cause of the depression were these idiot siblings.

Perhaps it should be said that rather than the rampant feelings she had in the beginning, she was wondering if the trip was getting worse since they had started traveling.

Aina was probably holding back, but it was certain that was the cause of the headache.

"Hey, you two idiots over there! I should say this much, but we don't have to spare time to detour!" (Aina)

"Hmm... Indeed. I surely heard that; but, unfortunately, I don't remember agreeing to that!" (Soma)

"Me too!" (Lina)

"Too noisy!" (Aina)

While sighing all-out, Aina put her hands on her head to endure the headache.

Such arguments had been repeated many times until now, and Aina basically gave in, but this time wouldn't be such a time.

"Didn't you say that it would be a hassle if we didn't reach the next territory before today is over? As a result, I think that we have been holding back a lot, so I don't think we can afford doing this much." (Aina)

"Muu... You are right, but... it seems that side is somewhat suspicious...!" (Soma)

"You always say that, but there is nothing wrong at all! No, although you occasionally got it right, but... as it turns out, it has nothing to do with magic, not even a single bit." (Aina)

"No, that's why. The fact that it always felt out of place until now means it will come soon...!" (Lina)

"Isn't that considered as hopeless thinking?" (Aina)

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