When I decided to get back into writing after taking a year long hiatus I started by reading through my stories. Whilst I'm always going to be proud of my wrote because of the effort I put in and the enjoyment I get out, there are several things about Black Water that I want to change. Therefore I'm going to rewrite the story changing some of the plot as I go along to make it more clear, coherent and sustainable for more than one book.

Some of these changes are listed below for the benefit of those who have read the original Black Water. These may contain spoilers, so if you've never read Black Water I suggest you start with the rewritten version as this will be the story that the sequels will be based upon.

I want to thank everybody who read the first version of Black Water. I wouldn't be writing this today if it wasn't for the 75,663 people who read Black Water in the first instance. The fact I have over 400 followers is amazing, especially as I haven't been active for a year. I hope that you will enjoy the new version of Black Water and that it meets the expectations set by the original version. And for new readers I hope that you stick around! 


The characters will all remain the same in terms of personality however some powers will change in this new version. Such as Alison can't tell who has what powers. This is because I felt that some of the lore surrounding my characters' ability was a little garbled. The premise of Spirit will also change a little but they will still be considered 'evil'. 

Some characters like Darcy and Olive will not be included in the rewrite, because I felt they were a little pointless and didn't add to the story in any way. 

I will also work on improving grammar and sentence structure in my new version. I hope that over the years since I first wrote Black Water my writing style has improved. More description about the characters apperance, personalities and the situations they encounter will be added.

There will probably be more changes included, I will write them here if they are. 

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