A Note on Black Water

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I was around fifteen years old when I first wrote this story and boy! Does it show. This story is far from perfect - it's cliched, full of sloppy dialogue that tries too hard to sound cool, the descriptions are basic and the whole premise of the story is a collection of various tropes that were popular at the time. 

Despite its flaws, I am exceedingly proud of this story. It was the first story I ever wrote and stands a testament to hard work. Writing was very important to me as a teenager and I have never been able to get back into it in the same ways as I once did. 

So why am I writing this? 

Mainly to save you time. If you read this story and feel the need to correct grammar, plotlines etc. Then don't bother. You will be wasting your time. I will never work on this story again. I've moved on to better things. If you choose to read this story then you must be prepared to accept it for what it is: A mess. 

I hope you enjoy. 

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