6: The Regret of the Private Tutor

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The Regret of the Private Tutor

Camilla Hennefelt let out a small sigh while looking at the smiling boy who seemed to be having fun. (TLN: The name in raw is カミラ・ヘンネフェルト)

She was thinking that maybe she had made a thoughtless promise.

She wasn't confident that she would give a good lesson about magic in particular.

When she thought about that fact, she had intense remorse. Although her friend, Sofia, asked her, it wasn't really a bother to become a private tutor.

And there was also another reason.

"Well, I will think about it properly, so be good and stay in bed. Don't think any unnecessary things, alright?" (Camilla)

"Hmm... that's what I have planned since beginning, but for the argument's sake, I think it is impossible to do anything with this body." (Soma)

"If you think about it normally... there is no way a common person would have muscle pain that's this intense." (Camillia)

"Hmm... You are certainly right." (Soma)

That was vague. This made Camilla spew an astonished sigh at Soma, who looked like he had something to say.

The sigh had a double meaning.

And the reason of the sigh was related to the earlier sigh.

— Here's the story from the beginning.

At present, he said to Carmilla that he had intense muscle pain, but... normally, muscle pain wouldn't immediately happened to the body.

Especially to those who had skills in martial arts, it could be said that it was impossible to have muscle pain like that.

To put it simply, for those people, they wouldn't get muscle pain.

As a result of suitable action, depending on the efficacy of each skill, it was impossible to overuse the body to the point that would make muscle pain happened.

In other words, the body was strengthened by the efficacy of the skill.

Possibly, she probably didn't even think that he could go beyond the efficacy of a skill.

For example, it was like swinging a lump of iron that's way heavier than one's own body.

Doing such a thing would probably cause muscle pain, but... to do such a thing meant he was not in the common category.

That was why it was impossible to have such muscle pain.

Nevertheless, this was a talk if he had skills.

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