5: Ex Strongest, Suffering from Muscle Pain

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Ex Strongest, Suffering from Muscle Pain

"Uh... This is weird..." (Soma)

The only person on the bed, Soma, was groaning.

What was full in his mind was a reflection.

After all, he was thinking that he made a mistake.

It was natural for Soma to think of such a thing.

Because Soma had been lying in bed for the past three days.

Since then, he wasn't allowed to move from there.

Furthermore, Soma, who was told that he had no talent, quietly slipped out from the mansion three days ago.

In other words, Soma had always been on the bed from that day.

However, this was not a punishment in particular.

In the first place, the reason for Soma not being able to move from the bed, was because of his own intention.

If he tried to carelessly move, intense pain would run throughout his body, and it made him unable to move. So, he didn't want to move.

However, he wasn't injured.

It was the consequence of overusing his muscles.

It was just muscle pain.

"Hmmm... to be honest, although I made light of muscle pain... I didn't expect it to be this much..." (Soma)

He had somehow misunderstood that muscle pain was something serious, but it wasn't, even if it was this much.

Counting how long he had lived in the previous life, he had just disregarding the muscle pain he had for the first time in decades.

He was just paying for his own mistakes.

No, well, it was certain that the muscle pain was at the degree of severe pain that ran through his body, and he couldn't properly move because of that.

But, he managed to reproduce the technique that made him known as the Sword God.

It might not be an exaggeration to say that it was miraculous to end like this.

It wouldn't have been weird if one or two of his limbs had blown away.

In the end of the day, he was just paying for his own mistakes... and even that was repeated again, that's all there was to it.

For the time being, he couldn't do anything until the muscle pain subsided—

"...Hmmm?" (Soma)

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