3: Depressing Sigh

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Depressing Sigh

As for Sofia Neumont, the existence of her son - Soma Neumont was to be called the symbol of a genius. (TLN: The name in raw is ソフィア・ノイモント)

With that status, Sofia had the opportunity to meet various people.

There were bad people amongst them, but there were also good ones; so if there was a genius, there were ordinary people.

Starting as the unmarried daughter of a Duke, going through magic academy, running through battlefields... eventually, she was known as the world's strongest magician.

But, rather than any person she met in the process, her son was full of talent.

That son of hers had never been the least favorite.

Rather, since she had seen her son from the time he was born, she was able to notice his extraordinary talent.

The first time she noticed that was probably because he never cried at all in the night.

And when she thought about it, Soma had never cried, except just after birth.

The abnormality was obvious when Sofia raised her daughter, Rina, who was also Soma's younger sister.

Rina was different from Soma. She was crying during the day and the night, but... the sight of a 1-year-old child comforting his crying sister was something impossible, no matter how she thought about it.

Moreover, it didn't happen once or twice. It frequently happened when Sofia was in the middle of something... And, since she was used to it, she asked Soma to take care of her when she was busy, but when she thought about it afterwards, she was greatly perplexed.

Well, even though there were such things, when she thought about it later, she assumed that they were cute.

Later, when she was considering the matter of education...

Basically, education was usually simple, even before getting a skill appraisal.

Depending on the results, it might prove to be pointless, which was natural.

Furthermore, in the first place, even if education was a common thing, receiving an education was pretty restrictive after getting a skill appraisal. (Recheck)

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