1: The End of A Certain Swordsman

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Hey guys,

I saw this novel from pickup request, so I'm just translating it for fun at the moment. It has like less than 4000 characters to be translated and it is short.

I'm not sure about Novelupdates ruling, but if it's not suitable, I'll just take it down. Any feedback on that is highly appreciated. 🙂

This chapter has been edited by Dogboy90, thank you very much!

Do enjoy!

The End of a Certain Swordsman

A man suddenly realized that he was lying on his back.

The passing blue sky filled his field of vision, looking as if he was likely to reach it just by extending his arms.

It was beautiful fine weather.

I wonder if such a thing is just a passing thought?

While thinking that, the man inadvertently tried to reach out, but... failed.

For some reason, his arms weren't moving.

He was questioning himself, why such a thing was—...

[—Splendid, human.] (??)

When he looked towards the sudden voice he heard, there was a huge mountain over there.

Nope, with that degree, he couldn't think of anything else but something huge.

And the man finally remembered when looking at it.

He was wondering what he had been doing... and why it became like this.

"Hmmm... it seems that I have somehow won." (Man)

[...I guess so. You haven't even lost a limb, but look at my situation. There is no doubt. It's your win.] (??)

The voice wasn't only heard from the huge one.

It was rolling towards him, and the thing was too small, compared to what he heard.

The huge one was its body, while the small one was its head.

However, this was a persistently talk to the bitter end, that the small one was bigger than the man.

When looking at such a thing, the man let out a sigh.

"A...Well, to be honest, I don't really feel that I have won. And you haven't died. By the way, how can we speak even in such a state?" (Man)

[Hmm... Isn't because I am a dragon? Furthermore, I am standing at the top amongst them. Since this is the case, I will not die so easily. And in the first place, I am not talking to you with my vocal cords. I have no need for such a feature.] (Dragon)

Yes, it was a dragon.

With that exaggerated imitation, it wasn't done by any imposter.

The thing that was his existence was one of the few mysteries.

When looking at the sky, the human was fascinated. But he was embraced by fear again.

It was the strongest symbol of desperation and misery.

It was ridiculous, but it hadn't died, even though its neck was severed, and he understood that well.

"Oh dear... you're a troublesome superfluous existence. This is out of common sense in many ways. If your neck has been cut off, just die." (Man)

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