Chapter 2-Sunkit

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Sunkit trotted across the Valleyclan camp to the Healing Den. She had seen Sagekit's fight with Badgerkit and wanted to see how her brother was doing. She and brother were twins, with the same green eyes and light orange fur with similar patterns. The main difference was their gender of course. Maybe she could help Birchleaf out.

Sunkit has been visiting Birchleaf for a week to learn how to be a Mender. The clan role had fascinated her. There was something about how it was is different from what cats normally did. It was a whole other world of knowledge. It was a mystery, but a mystery that left a desire to follow it. Having a connection to their ancestors in The Realm Of Eternal Peace was something that just felt right to her.

She went through the vines that covered the entrance to the Healing Den. Birchleaf was there, checking on her brother Badgerkit. Sagekit was there as well, look happy for some reason. Moments ago she had a been a volcano of anger. Badgerkit was just sitting, huffing in irritation. Both of the kits were staring coldly at each other of course, but again, Sagekit shouldn't have been more happy. Sunkit had been friends since she was born. There was a just a connection between them that was unexplainable, so they were like sisters. To her, this just wasn't like Sagekit.

The Healing Den was an enormous cave in the hillside. There was lots of room. It was two fox lengths long and 4 foxlengths wide. Greenery covered the inside of the cave and sunlight lit it up. There was small pool in one corner, but most of the other space has nests ready to go for sick cats. There was a small tunnel across from the entrance that lead to the tunnel system that ran underneath the camp. Every clan had them for escape routes in case of a fire or an attack. Just to its right was a small space where all of the herbs were kept. Farther down in the tunnel was the stinky dirt room. Everyone hated that room. Badgerkit was lying down on a nest with Birchleaf prodding at his face. Sagekit was standing nearby.

Sunkit went over to Sagekit to ask why. "Hello!" Sunkit spoke cheerfully. "Why are you so happy? I thought my brother was badger-ing you!"

"Stop making fun of my name, you rats!," demanded Badgerkit. Birchleaf gave a slight cuff, telling him to stay still. She also told that he should be nice if he wants to be be treated nicely. Sunkit and Sagekit looked at each other and meowed in amusement.

"So to answer your question," said Sagekit, "I'm here because I have to apologize, which I did, But I just realized that being a Mender is so much more than just some plants and pasty medicine. Birchleaf says it's also about being a special messenger for our warrior ancestors. I suddenly feel like it's meant for me. That's why I'm so happy." She then edged her voice suddenly. "Though that doesn't mean that I forgive Badgerkit though. Well that and,..." Sagekit's voice suddenly went to a stop.

"What's the problem?," asked Sunkit.

"I can't tell you, It's something I just remembered from earlier today. It's too personal." Sagekit had a mixed weird look of anger and joy

Sunkit didn't know what to say. But Birchleaf then intervened in their conversation. "Well, I don't know if I should hear what you're talking about, but I do know that you should go away if you're not going to help me. If you are truly interested in becoming a Mender, come back tomorrow afternoon. I will begin to teach you then. Now off to to your mothers for it is feeding time for you two. Sunkit, tell you're mother she will have to sleep in hear for tonight so I can keep an eye on Badgerkit. He is fine, but he will need to rest. You have lots of strength Sagekit. Go to your mother as well." Birchleaf then gave a poppyseed to Badgerkit who quickly fell to sleep.

Both kits quickly realized that they were hungry, and went out together

"See you later Sunkit," said Sagekit, " I have some, um, issues with my Mother I need to take care of." Sagekit then ran off to find her mother.

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