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ALMOST midnight. He was walking around with the one officer that helped him search for you. He had an idea of where you were and decided that would be the place to go first.

"Are you sure she'll be there? You said this house was your childhood home." The officer asks concerned from beside Jin.

Jin flares at him for a second before nodding. Of course he would be there. Where else would he be? This house was in the middle of nowhere now. The town that was once there had long been gone.

His fists clenched at his sides before he continues walking with the same man walking a little behind, still asking him questions. It annoyed him.

"I know he has her there, trust me. After all, he was my brother. How could I not know him?"



"Did you love Jin as a brother?" You ask softly, facing him on the bed you shared.

He stared at you for a couple of minutes, thinking about your question and obsessing over how beautiful you were. He only brought you closer to him and you yelped in surprise at the sudden contact.

"Why are you so curious about my brother, baby? You're not in love with him...are you?" His voice taunted you, making you immediately shake your head.

"N-no! Jin has always been my best friend. I was just curious though. Jin never told me about you."

Yoongi rubs circles on your back and hums in response while his eyes stayed glued to you. His beautiful face stays stone hard before he suddenly stops and sits up.

"Because he didn't want anyone to know about me, especially you."

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