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The third time he confessed was just before you went off to college. He was much taller than you now and yet his voice reminded you of a little boy asking for his mom - cracking, pleading. It would take a long time before you'd see each other again and you know you've got yourself into a lot of trouble but this was the most terrified you've ever been. This could be the end of everything.

"I... still love you. You do know that, don't you?" His eyes were glistening with held back tears and you know it wouldn't take too long before he loses it. You know because that's what you're feeling too.

There was so much to say but you didn't know where to start so you just nodded.

"Thank you," you finally said. After everything he'd done for you, that was all you ever managed to say. And what's worse is, it was more than enough for him.

"Don't miss me too much," he said, chuckling, fighting back his own tears.

"Who said I would, idiot?" You laughed trying to match the genuineness of his, but you can't. So you quickly dismissed yourself saying "I have to go," while turning away, glad that he wasn't able to see the first tear fall, and a thousand more after.

And you realized, as you walked further away from him, that perhaps the reason why you weren't terrified despite all those troubles you've been through was because you were with him. And now you're not. Maybe, not ever.

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