Chapter 9

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-Rose P.O.V-

You greet your sister in morning, she seems to be in a very good mood. You get your mourning tea and begin to read the new book you were given last night. You're have way through the book when you hear a knock at the door. A small smile on your face when you see who it is.

"Hello Kanaya." You say, she is quite beautiful in the outfit she's wearing. You blush slightly when you realize you're staring. "Come in."

"Thank you, and I must say Rose, you look wonderful." You feel your face heat up, it's still hard to believe this beautiful woman is your partner. You give her a quick kiss.

"Would you like any tea?" She nods and sits down on the couch. "I take it you would want blood in it dear?"

"Oh, no it's fine. You don't have to." She smiles, her fangs are showing, she is lovely.

"You two are so cute!" You roll your eyes at Roxy's sudden outburst.

"Yes, we know. You remind us everyday." You replay. Your mother comes downstairs, no one in your family really minds that you're dating a demon, it's quite a breath of fresh air compared to your fellow students, and they don't even know your darling Kanaya is a demon.

Walking to school with Kanaya is honestly your favorite part of the mourning, it's peaceful and you two can talk. You don't care what others think, it's honestly none of their business what you and Kanaya do, you love her, and that's all that matters. When you arrive at the school, it's closed and the students are crowding around the entrance. You tighten your grip around Kanaya's hand. You can hear the hushed whispers of students trying to figure out what's going on.

"Did they make an announcement?" Kanaya shakes her head, strange.

"I heard someone got murdered by a demon." You overhear from the crowd. The whispers go silent when a man covered in blood shows up. He's wearing a button up shirt, triangle sunglasses, jeans and a ball cap. You notice Dave, seemingly frozen in place, your mother has told you about your relation to Dave and his brother Dirk. Once, your mother and Derek, you refuse to think of him as a father, were together and had Dirk, Roxy, Dave, and yourself. Then he joined a cult, tearing your family apart in the process, and took your brothers. Your mother told you how horrible he was, you make your way over to Dave, you place a hand on his shoulder, your hatred for Derek only grows when Dave flinches.

"Come on." You say, grabbing his arm and leading him away from that horrible man, someone, you assume his friend, follows you as well. Everyone starts rushing for the exit, the sword wielding maniac is clearly amused by their fear.

"John!" You hear someone scream, you look over at Derek, he has a blade to a young man's neck, who you can only assume is John. There's a young woman, who you assume is his sister, is desperately trying to get him back while others attempt to help. Dave's friend runs over, Derek instantly stops and puts the young man down, you realize that must be Karkat, you feel like a fool for no realizing earlier. Karkat and Kankri are a very special type of demon, they're natural born leaders, they're a breed that cannot be created using sacifices or rituals, so it's only a natural occurrence, it's very fascinating.

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