[44] The Trench

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Previously on Agents:

       The hallway following that was rather dimly-lit. I could feel my hairs sticking up. My heart was pounding. Soon, all there was, was darkness.


       "Looks like we're nearing another puzzle," Cory muttered. Honestly I was slightly relieved; being in a weird, ancient, dark dungeon thingy is a little terrifying.

       "What the hex..." Jin said, slack-jawed. We all stared wide-eyed at the structure before us. The walls were towering, made of stone-- possibly hyaloclastite or obsidian. Some walls had vines on them, but there sure were lots of it.

What? No, not the vines. The walls.

As in, a labyrinth.

        "You know, I never thought we'd be in an actual underground maze. The SK base was already confusing enough," John shrugged. Max agreed, "Well, the Shadow Lord sure loves his mazes. So... split up?"

       "No. Bad idea. Didn't you see any horror movies?" Ross exclaimed. "Awwh, Rossy, are you scawed?"

"Oh shut up, Shelby."

       "Stop bickering. Gosh, you guys sound exactly like you were as kids..." Shel rolled her eyes. "But yeah, we can cover a lot more ground if we go in separate groups."

       "Everyone has their comms?" We nodded. We decided to split to two groups; I ended up with Adam, Jin, John and Max. The path we took was the rightmost one, and eventually after we kept running right, another labyrinthine awaited us.

       "Y'know, I wouldn't be surprised if Shadl turned out to be Papyrus," Max remarked. "Ditto."

       Turns out there was a series of puzzles through the maze, and I couldn't help but feel each puzzle becomes more and more like a trap- you know, the ones from those Saw movies.

       My stomach churned as we approached the fifth puzzle in this maze. As we entered the room, I started feeling very nauseous. I could tell the others were feeling it too. Soon, the world slowly faded as I lost consciousness.

       After who knows how long, I finally regained my senses. I found myself in a room; it was slightly damp, had barely any light and very cold. It measured roughly five or so steps on all sides, and also reeked of blood. "Anyone there?" A voice buzzed through my comms. Adam. "Shu? Where are you?"

       "Where are you?" "Still in the maze. We ran into the others, but you're still nowhere to be found." At this point, I think I heard a sound- can't tell what it was though. Maybe I'm just going a bit delusional or something. "I'm in this weird room. I have no idea why th-"

       "Shu? Shuuuuuu? Hello?" Now I was definitely able to identify the sound. It was dripping, then straight-up running water. I hadn't really noticed it earlier but the room was slowly filling up with it.

       I completely froze. Even though the water hasn't reached me yet, I felt like I was drowning. My heart was racing, and eyes widened. "Aphmau? Hellooooooo? You there?"

[Shelby's POV]

       "Anything?" I questioned Adam, nervously playing with a lock of hair. He shook his head. "Wait, I'm picking something up... what... is that running water?"

       "Aph is in a room with running water?" Jin asked. "Yeah, I think so..."

       "No no no no no... Aphmau has aquaphobia, and Shadl's literally trying to drown her. We need to find her before she ends up dying," he rambled, a worried expression on his face.

[Jess' POV]

       By now, the water was already at my waist. I still couldn't move, but my phobia got worse. Okay Jess, I thought to myself, You need to break out... conquer your fears, don't let it conquer you.

       I held my breath and tried to swim down. It was still too dark and the water was starting to freeze up, but I had to stay determined. Trying not to panic, I carefully made my way down to the bottom of the room. Turns out I was standing on the "upper level," for the lack of a better word. A small hatch that was barely visible led me to the lower. Even then, the lower level was still flooded and much, much deeper than the upper.

       I struggled to swim deeper into the trench, running out of oxygen each stroke I made. My vision became hazy as I ran out of energy. I'll never make it out of here... I'm gonna drown to death. My anxiety was starting to kick back in. I let myself sink, feeling the chills that the cold water sent down my spine.

       Just before I lost all hope, one of those waterproof pool lights came into view. Next to it was a big red button. That could be my way out...

       I gathered the last bit of strength I had, and swam down to the button. But I was also losing oxygen, fast.

Come on...

Come on...

Almost there...

       I reached out to press the button, but by then my vision got hazier and hazier, and before I knew it, I was out like a light.

Goodbye, world.


*evil laughter*

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