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“It's not you, and it's not me—”

“Hold up, Gavin.” Jeff interrupted Harry's recording while instructing Gavin, one of the score technicians, to pause the rythme and rewind it. He nodded, instantly understanding what needed to be done.

Harry furrowed his eyebows in confusion—a tab bit of annoyed. This was for the fourth time when they had to scratch the recording from the middle. Surprisingly enough, over the same line.

But he knew why he was offbeat today. His mind was elsewhere. Somewhere far away from here.

Jeff sighed, “H, what's up with you today? You aren't concentrating on the longer breaths. The “you” in the stanza needs to be exampled out with a soft notch.”

Harry only breathed out a weary huff in return. He needed a break. Hell, he couldn't concentrate—all the credit sizing up to the disagreement which took place today morning between you and Harry. His brain cells demanded a break, so he could call you immediately and wipe the slate clean.

“Um—I'm sorry, I went out of breath during the line before. Couldn't out stretch it.” He lied. The truth was, he couldn't simply focus. “Can we over do it?”

Jeff addressed him with a thoughtful nod before mumbling “Don't forget to breath in tight,” which could barely be heard through the glass barrier saperating the recording space and the studio. But nevertheless, Harry was determined to pack it up this time. He needed a break.

Harry fixed his headphones again, properly, before realising he'd never really taken them off. The tightness generated by the sets were exerting a painful force against his head but he didn't mind it. He needed a break.

Jeff gave him a thumbs up before counting off on his fingers.

One. Two. Three. Four.

“Same lips red, same eyes blue.” The brunette sang gracefully by the mic while the voices in his head only screamed at him to “not screw it up.”

“Same white shirt, couple more tattoos.” He inhaled before eyeing the upcoming lines over the lyric page, displayed in front of him.

“It's not you—and it's not me.”

Jeff blinked before realising, it was a perfect set. It was a perfect set. Harry had managed to break through the glitch flawlessly, without hitching for breath.

He couldn't help but bob his head along with the rythme as Harry watched his reaction. A small smile played over Jeff's lips as he gave him a resurring nod. He'd successfully managed to complete the verse one of the song.

The music stopped and Gavin turned up a few buttons as the laptop screen showed perfect ripples of Harry's voice.

“Well done, Harry. Take five. You look kinda outdated today.” Jeff suggested with a chuckle and Harry simply blinked before sighing as he wearily removed the headsets muffling his ears. He finally had his break.

Seven minutes and three seconds later, he breathed out a sigh of relief when he couldn't help but smile at the thought that he was forgiven by you. He'd finally called you. Fortunately, there was no room for any bad blood between you guys now. It was a silly, stupid argument that demanded a clearance.

That's what happens when two people are in the early stages of a relationship. Always on the edge, always putting the other one on a royal pedestal. It was simply infatuation.

He was absolutely and utterly smitten about you.

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