Hidden Treasure

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"Mr. Borisov, what seems to bring you here?"

I had a few arrangements to make, and to check if there was any mail at the office, upon entering the building, I was met with a familiar face.

"Ah, Elisa," his bushy brows raised in happiness, "what a pleasure to see you."

I shook his warm hand, though I couldn't help but blush at the last encounter I had with the Borisovs. With all that wine I had drunk, I certainly did make myself seem quite the woman. I guess he caught wind of my thoughts and chuckled as he put another wrinkly hand over mine.

"It is nice to see you once again, my dear. " I inhaled a sigh, not helping to feel the fatherly love from his giant grey eyes, though I was also met with the calculating gaze of two hulking men behind him, both wearing shades and some kind of ear piece. Way to be subtle.

"Hi," I mumbled at them, though they seemed to have had their attention elsewhere.

"Oh don't mind them, my dear, they're only doing their job. Just pretend they're not here." The crows feet by his eyes crinkled as he smiled at me.

"Sure," I nodded my head as I clung to my notepad. "So what brings you here?" I asked pushing the doors open for him.

"My a beauty and a gentlewoman," he chuckled.

I blushed as we walked into the building.

It was funny how the first time I entered here, I was quite the nervous wreck, yet now I felt like I knew who everyone and where everything was. Even the receptionist had come to know of me, and she was actually pretty pleasant, once you got to know her.

"Elisa, how are you?" The perky blonde announced as we sauntered towards her, "how's Mr. Fontaine doing?"

"Ah yes," Mr. Borisov interjected, "how is our friend faring, it was such terrible news to hear of him and yourself." He mentioned, as his accent accentuated the 'r' sound as he spoke.

I looked between the both of them, "oh- err he is fine, he's on the mend. I just came to check on a few things," I smiled at Mollie, the receptionist.

"Mr. Borisov is there anything you need, I mean D-Mr. Fontaine isn't here and-"

"Oh don't worry about me, I have an appointment here with someone, although we should catch up someday, perhaps I will bring my daughter too, she has taken quite the liking to you." The old man smiled warmly at me, though I couldn't help but feel slightly restricted in our conversation, the bodyguards looming over and all.

We spoke a little more and I headed my way to the top floor. It was strange, but I guess he had some business with Mr. Smith, since Darius wasn't here. The building was going to take at least a year or even more to make, after all it was to be a shopping centre and those things are huge.

The proposal itself was extended from three months to perhaps even more than a year, which was in favour of Darius considering his predicament, but that didn't just included preparations for the building, it also meant the starting of it all. It had only been a few weeks since the assassination attempt, he still had to wear his cast for another few more weeks, which clearly he was not happy about, since it had halted him of his work.

I sighed and pushed passed the elevator door, hoping not to find any other brooding man, dressed in a suit. I was safe, for today.

Darius had wanted me to check for any mail sent to his office, and some file that he kept in a drawer somewhere at work.

I clicked my heels towards my desk, everything was all how I had left it, including the tiny post-it reminders I had scattered everywhere. The glass desk was now an array or rainbow coloured papers.

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