Wish You Were Here

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I was sweltering. It felt like I'd been strapped to a furnace. A furnace with tentacles. That snored. Cute little grunty snuffles but still...snoring furnace. I tried to struggle free but the tentacled snoring furnace gripped me tighter. And moved a hand to my boob...Well helloooo furnace.

I managed to squirm my way onto my back. The hand cupping my boob possessively moved across to my other boob before sliding down my hip. My little moan-sigh was entirely involuntary. I turned my head slightly and took in the sleeping beauty that was Brian pressed up against my side. Sometime in the night he'd managed to shed his shirt and, I rubbed my left foot down the leg that was pinning me to the bed, his pants hence the scorching heat from his bare skin pressed up against mine.

He'd changed his adorable little snores to adorable little murmurs of appreciation as his fingers trailed up and down my side. I sucked in a shaky breath. It felt so good and it had been way to long. I shivered as he drew his finger along the top of my tank top. His hands were soft but the calluses on his fingertips weren't. His roving hand stopped when it reached the necklace that nestled in my cleavage and he pressed his open palm down over it.

"You're wearing it," he murmured.

I lifted my hand and traced the back of his fingers. "Of course."

"Do you know what it means?" He dipped his head and ran his nose along my jawline.

"Mmmmm," I responded because I didn't really know what it meant but the way he was touching me made me shiver with delight.

"Ace," he prompted, "Do you?"

"Ummm." I rolled toward him and tilted my head for a kiss.

"It means," he brushed his lips across mine, "I love you. It means that that even when we're apart I'll be thinking of you. It means that you'll always be able to find your way back to me."

"What made you change your mind?" I drove my fingers through his hair.

"I never changed my mind." He leaned into my touch.

"What?" My hand stilled and I drew back a little blinking at him in confusion.

"I never stopped wanting you Ace." His hand slid down my thigh and pulled my leg up over his hip.

"Well why the fuck did you break up with me then?" Confused could not begin to describe how I was feeling. Horny as well but yeah, confused.

"I didn't," he gripped behind my knee and tugged me closer. Oh sweet baby jeebus he was hard. "You broke up with me. I just went along with it because I thought maybe things were better that way. You wouldn't answer my calls and you were so upset about the things the fans were saying on line I just thought maybe I should give up. You know, let you go."

"What?" I screech moaned as he ground against me. How dare he distract me with his penis! "You said you cared about what your fans thought. You said you couldn't tell me that you didn't!"

"I. Do. Care. What. They. Think." He peppered my collarbone with kisses between words. "It upsets me when they say awful things about my wonderful. Gorgeous. Sexy. Clever. Talented. Girlfriend." My eyes rolled back in my head. There he went distracting me with his kisses and penis again. As if it had a mind of its own my hand reached down and grabbed his bum. "You were so upset by what that douche said at Zacky's party it freaked me the fuck out. You wanted me gone so I thought it was best if I stayed away." He worked hot, open mouthed kisses up my throat.

"I was upset because you were fighting. When you came to Matt's I thought you meant that your fans were more important to you than me." I gasped as his fingers worked their way under the fabric of my tank top.

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