10: Shiro...

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Your Point of View

He's gone...

I start breathing fast and heavy. My chest hurts. My head pounds. "Nononoonononononon... this cant be happening... THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!" Shiro grabs me by the shoulders, "Stop." "No, Keith, no... nononono-" "STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" He shakes me and I snap out of it. "IF YOU PANIC THEN NOTHING GOOD WILL HAPPEN! OKAY?" I nod. "Good. Now help me search for something to help us find him."

After searching high and low the only thing we could find is a bunch of scattered hair. Long black hair, short black hair and the occasional white hair... wait. Shiro? The second I make the connection I look at Shiro and he looks at me, "You know I was with you." I cross my arms, "Yeah but minutes before this you did something with the control panel." Shiro widens his eyes and looks at me, offended, "I was checking his vitals? If I did something than it would have happened immediately." I put a hand on my hip and sigh, "I suppose you're right... but the only other person who would have short black and white hair would be... your clone..."

The tips of Shiro's ears turn beat red, "I KNEW WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TRUSTED THAT SON OF A B-" "SHIRO!" He turns and looks at me, "You know he did in fact save Keith, if he really REALLY wanted Keith gone he would have done it when he took him from me." He pauses for a second and thinks about it, "I suppose you're right.... why just suddenly now though?" I shrug my shoulders, "Beats me."

I look towards the doorway and see a trail of scratches. I run over and inspect them, they look Galra.... and there's a long trail down the hall. I look up and immediately follow the trail. "(Y/N)! WAIT!" I hear Shiro's fast footsteps behind me, I don't care, I only want to find Keith.

They lead to the red lions hangar... only a paladin can get someone into there... makes sense. Shiro catches up and pants heavily, his hands on his knees, "What. The. Hell." As he faces the ground, he notices the scratches and looks up at the hangar entrance. He opens it and tells me to hold on to him.

I latch onto Shiro's side as he jumps onto the zip line. We whiz through the air, the wind causing our hair to whip behind us. He jumps down into a small car, I switch my positioning to the front so I don't get squished. I end up on Shiro's lap, ugh. Shiro is beautiful and too handsome and mmmmm but Keith just... I don't know.... he's amazing and he's so cute and we're so similar... ha I don't even know my own feelings why am I trying to justify this.

I look up at Shiro as we ride up towards the red lion, his face has a light shade of pink and he looks Ike he's trying to focus really hard. "Shiro? You good?" He shakes his head and looks at me, "Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm.. fine." I raise an eyebrow. He glares at me, "It's nothing, it's just that the last girl around my age to sit on my lap... well... let's just say things were....... fun." I widen my eyes. Wha- what the hell- I- WHAT? Before I can get another word in, we enter Keith's lion.

I see a half Galra Keith, unconscious and covered in blood. His arms, ears and the sides of his face are purple and Galra, the rest is human. The clone Shiro stands behind him, yellow eyes, crazy big smile and... a huge gash pouring blood out his throat? How is he alive???? "Hahahahaha, I was wondering if anyone was gonna come. Figures it would be you two. Alright I don't want too much of a fight so let's get this over with quicker." The real Shiro groans and falls to the floor, I get down and hold him as he wails in pain, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HIM!?" C.S. laughs, "Relax I didn't hurt him, he's just also under my control." What...

Shiro stops making noises and calms down, until he shoots open his now glowing yellow eyes, WAR FLASHBACKS! I instinctively kick Shiro way off me and he rolls across the floor. I jump at Keith, grab his lifeless body and get the fuck out of there. I hear a commotion behind me and suddenly Shiro is in front of me. I duck down and slide through his legs. There's another array of sounds and C.S. is in now front of me. I jump up, kick him in his chin and land over him. It slowed me down but it should stop things for me long enough to get back to the others, considering that could not have helped that gash.

I run as fast as I could to the others. I get back to the normal parts of the castle and run to the main deck, Keith in arms. I can't keep up anymore. I bust through the door and fall on the ground still making sure Keith is relatively safe. Everyone is there, talking, laughing, until the notice me and Keith. A loud gasp falls across the room and everyone rushes over to us. "Do you have an emergency healing pod in here or something?" "I- I'm not sure. Coran?" Allura stampers. Coran pauses for a second, "Maybe over there?" Coran points to an empty corner. Allura checks the controls and sure enough a healing pod emerges out the ground. I run Keith over to it and put him in there. "(Y/n), what is going on? Why is Keith covered in blood? Where's Shiro?" Hunk yells at me. "Shiro and... Shiro are evilized and chase and red lion-" Allura gasps, "The cameras!" She rushes over to the control and brings up a live feed of the red lion hangar.

"Look!" Pidge points at the two Shiros. They are shaking their heads like they have something in them. Suddenly C.S. looks at the camera, we all jump and shiver from the cold stare. The camera goes fuzzy and eventually black. About a minute later, the screen comes back on but they're gone. Allura turns on a motion sensor and there are two dots moving towards us at a very fast pace. Allura locks down the castle to prevent them from getting in.

Hunk is panicking, Pidge and Lance are  calming him down, Allura and Coran are trying to think of what to do, Keith is healing... at least I sure as fucking hell hope so, the Shiros are on their way to come try to kill us... I think of what I am meant to do... I search the very back of my mind for anything. It hits me.

I muster up the voice, "Send me out." Everyone stops and looks at me, "What?" "You heard me, send me out." Lance steps towards me, "No! (Y/n)! No, are you crazy!?" "Are you? What other choice are you guys coming up with? Hmmm?" There's a silence across the room, "Exactly. Send. Me. Out." Allura sighs and looks at Coran, he hesitates but nods. Lance looks at them, "ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY NOW? NO SHES NOT GOING OUT THERE!" Allura only glances at him but continues getting ready to open the door. Lance starts to quickly walk towards her but Hunk grabs him, "HUNK! LET ME GO!" "Nope. No, Lance, not gonna do it." Allura looks at me and nods. I grab my sword cylinder out my boot and run out the room. The door closes behind me and I hear Lance scream. I sigh.

The Shiros run down the hall and charge at me. I slash open my sword and it flames to life. The clone falls to the ground and the real Shiro falls to his knees. I put my sword away and back into my boot. The real Shiro gets back up and laughs at me, "Smart girl, but I'm more powerful with two, the real one was barely effected, as you can see."

I reach for my pistol but it's not there... it's still on the Galra ship from when I gave it to Keith... I reach in my back pocket and find my BoM blade? Wha.. they took it away from me!? How do I have it!? I don't question it much and I awaken it. "This shall be fun, try not to damage the real Shiro too much, he's the most powerful." Shiro's hand glows purple and he lunges at me.


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