Chapter 1-Chadwick

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Charlie POV

"I thought it would be obvious to you, especially. My name is Chadwick and I'm your twin brother. Surprised to see me?" I stood there, dumbfounded. Riley gasped silently. Chadwick, my supposed brother asks, "May I come in?" Riley broke the silence and said, "No, you may not! We are having a family dinner and I don't know you from Adam. Please leave, Mr. Chadwick." I could see that Riley was holding onto a knife behind her back that she always keeps in her waistline. Chadwick smiled and said, "Very well, my beautiful sister-in-law. I'll come back tomorrow. Have a good evening." As Chadwick was walking away, he turns to me and says, "Hey, brother. Congrats on becoming Mayor." He walked away towards his car and drives away. Riley sheathes the knife back and closes the door. I'm still shocked at this news. I never knew of a twin brother growing up. My mother had abandoned me when I was a kid at a firehouse. I was given to a nice family but after college, I only spoke to them ever so often. My adopted mother and father wanted to see me along with my adopted brother, but I had my own family now. Riley breaks my concentration and says, "Charlie!" I snap out of my trance and look at Riley. She looks scared out of her mind. "Charlie, did you know about this?" I shake my head and say, "I was abandoned by my real mother. Maybe she kept him. I don't know, baby." She shakes her head and says, "Look, love. Let's sit and have our dinner. Let's talk about Mom and Dad about this and tomorrow morning, I can look into this Chadwick and we can investigate this more." I shook my head in response. Riley holds my face and says, "We'll be okay. We can handle anything. Right?" I shed a tear and say, "Right. I love you, Riley. I'm glad that you and I have each other." We kiss and walk back to the dining room. Riley's parents are looking at us and ask us what happened. "We'll discuss it after dinner, Mom and Dad. Let's eat." We continued our dinner and I kept hearing what Chadwick had said to me, "I thought it would be obvious to you, especially. My name is Chadwick and I'm your twin brother. Surprised to see me?"

Chadwick POV

His face was priceless! His wife is a peach, had a nice body despite having twins. Tomorrow, I am finally going to have some quality brother time and be able to tell him the true story of what happened with Mom, Dad, and why he was abandoned.  

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