Why Do I Feel This Way

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Damon's POV

"Thirteen thousand dollars."

Damien announced as I peered out of the window onto our lawn. The gardeners were watering our flowers, the grass was getting cut and our cars were being washed at the same time.

I nodded thinking of what Damien just told me. Once he writes the check Mrs. Demont won't have anymore worries. Mr. Demonts medical bills will be paid off and Violets college fund won't need to be touched. It was just a gesture we both agreed was just the humanly right thing to do. Violets mother didn't deserve the burden of money problems, so we figured, why not take it all away for her?

I turned to face Damien who was finishing scribbling out the check. "Good, now what else? Because I know you called me in here for more then just a check that you could of easily written out without my presence."
I raised an eyebrow while I looked down at Damien who was sitting in the chair.

"Let's talk about how you kissed Violet last night." Damien folded his hands while waiting for My response.

"Nothing to talk about." I quickly responded while shrugging. "I was drinking, she was there and I did it. Nothing more nothing less."

Damien chuckled while shaking his head at me.

I sighed irritated at him. My jaw twitched at the fact that he thought this was amusing.

"If your done I'll be leaving now." I stated and walked the fuck out. We both knew I wanted her I just didn't know why I wanted to deny it so bad. 

"Oh shit sorry."

A small body smacked into me and I believed it was Violet's friend.

"Starts with a T right?" I was sorry to say I didn't remember her name  I just remembered she was drunk with Violet last night and I guess she was her best friend. I suddenly found an interest in her. Because she was violets friend she knew everything about Violet.

"Tori." She smiled nervously. She was wearing the sweatpants and t shirt we left for her in the room last night so she didn't have to walk around in her party dress while she was here.

Violets little friend was cute but didn't compare to her. I'm convinced no other woman I've ever meant could.

"So I'll be leaving soon, violets still asleep." Tori suddenly said. She was probably wondering why i was so quiet all of a sudden.

"She's still sleeping?" I asked curiously. "Well don't leave yet, how bout you come downstairs with me and tell my chiefs you and Violet's favorite foods, we can have breakfast together." I told her and began walking away because I knew she would follow.

Violets POV

I walked through the halls with my head only slightly pounding. I was so grateful to god that my hangover wasn't that bad. I checked all of the rooms after brushing my teeth and no one was up here. I made my way downstairs and walked into the kitchen which to my surprise was meant with a setting I've never though I'd ever see.

Damien, Damon and Tori were sitting at the table eating and laughing. Both Damien and Damon paused when I walked in.

"Sleeping beauty awakes." Tori announces which forces all attention to fall on me. When I say I was embarrassed.

It felt like a dozen butterflies were in my stomach as they gazed at me. Tori hugged me and I smiled while internally dying.

I knew my head was all over my head and I didn't look my best right now I must of been still slightly drunk if I willingly came downstairs looking like a train wreck.

"Come sit." Damien told me while Damon watched. Once I sat down I realized they saved this seat for me. Damien was on my left, Tori was on my right and Damon sat directly across from me on the other side of the table.

"So what were you guys talking about?" I asked while preparing my plate. They had French toast, eggs and sausage with orange juice out on the table and my stomach was freaking out. The only sound you heard was the clinking of forks on the plates.

"You." Damon's deep voice made me look over at him.

"What about me?" I let out a nervous laugh looking at all of them. "Oh nothing." Tori smirked at me and I kicked her under the table.

Damien's POV

"You." Damon said to Violet when she asked what we were talking about. I chuckled to myself watching Damon watch Violet's every move. Damon wasn't what  you called a romantic or the loving type. Well neither was I but he was doing different things about Violet. He was actually denying himself her. He didn't want to admit it. I know it wasn't about his reputation he didn't give a damn about that, I think he was scared of getting involved with her and hurting her.

"We are going to give you the day to unwind and relax but tomorrow we will officially be on a schedule for a busy day." Damon announced to Violet and she nodded. She was so beautiful to us. I Always noticed the blush that took over her face every time Damon or I looked at her. She was so innocent, I loved the way her hair fell over her face when she laughed and the way her dimples appeared.

I'm not one to hide anything I wanted her to know I wanted her.. but Damon just might have wanted her more then I thought.


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