Chapter Sixteen - Strategy

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She doesn't awake to the chirping of birds, the peak of sunlight shining through her room, or the sounds of the waves of the ocean crashing the sand. That was what she awoke to in the first room she called her own, the only room that was ever really hers.

Instead, she awoke to her new room. The only light came from the screen on her wall, noting the time and temperature, and the lights that illuminated around the sides of her window. Below the regulators continued to work away. Some faces she remembers from yesterday, still vigorously typing away.

Though she could see them, they couldn't see her. Her window is a privacy window, enabling her to see the outside, but the inability for her to see from the outside looking in. Pushing the covers half off her, she sits up.

It felt like she had slept for only two hours, but she had actually slept for a good nine. The time read 5:08. It wasn't until 29:00 did she fall sleep. She tried for hours to fall asleep but her thoughts restricted her to do so.

It would still be another hour until she met with Overseer Azucena to discuss further details on her trip to Esso. Midday doesn't start on Valeoi until the hour 16:00, so she guessed others would not wake to start the morning until 12:00. She is meeting in the early hours, the darkness of night still present in the sky. The sun rises at 8:00, with it setting around 23:00. This meant the nights are longer, lasting sixteen hours. She is to meet the others in her group as well today, the group that she will lead.

She had felt a mixture of thoughts about leading this group. Her, a girl whom they don't know, from a foreign planet that many people do not even have knowledge on just up and walks into the Strife and she is now positioned as the leader of the group? She was sure they are not happy with this. She will have to be prepared for snickering, and glares, if they are like this, of course. Even if they are not those kind of people, they are bound to have some resentment towards her.

She knows she would, if she were in their position.

Deciding to get dressed for the day, she picks training gear to wear. Before her meeting she wanted to get some of her practices in. She couldn't fall behind.

Once entering the training space she realizes she has the place to herself. She felt relieved there wouldn't be prying eyes. There was so much she could start with, her options are limitless. Much of the equipment was similar to the Revive's. They aren't as nice, but she's thankful that if she doesn't perform as expected, she wouldn't get downgraded in her rank in training. Here she could train at free will, for now.

She doesn't know what it was like to train alone, with others not taking note of her progress. 

She was about to find out.

Tying her hair into a high ponytail, she wanted it completely out of her face. On the Acquiescence the women always had to let their hair down. Some women even cut their hair in bobs so they didn't have to worry bout their hair getting in the way of  training. Sometimes she wished she cut hers, 

She chose a boo staff to practice with. Finding a grounded punching bag she decided she was going to use it to practice with the staff. Before she could get her first swing, the doors to the training space slid open. A man around his thirties walked up to her, interrupting her practice.

"Miss Iveta, you are requested by Overseer Azucena in Board L41," he swallowed.

She set the staff down, like she was holding a cane. She thanked him, and he nodded to her, leaving her immediately. She watched as he left and she noticed a group of people dressed in training garments like her, watching her through the glass. She placed the staff back in it's rightful place.

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