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"Her heart rate is too high." The man taking my pulse shouts across the hovercraft.

"She just got out of the games. This isn't abnormal." The woman responds.

My eyes are darting between the two strangers that surround me.

"Calm down." The man insists, "You just won the Hunger Games, (Y/n). Just breath."

I take the strangers advice and close my eyes and breath deeply. I just won the 69th Hunger Games. It's all over. I get to go home now.

"We're back at the Capitol." The man informs me.

I stand up on wobbly legs and the unfamiliar man steadies me.

"We gave you an IV drip, you were malnourished. You'll feel much better in a few hours. You'll need to go to the infirmary where they can stitch up your wounds." He smiles.

"Thank you." These are the first words to leave my mouth since I left the games.

I walk slowly with precision, making sure not to stumble for all cameras in the Capital will be on me as soon as I'm off the aircraft. I walk with stealth and grace managing to ignore the flashes of dozens of cameras and the shouts of questions.

As soon as I'm behind the door to the roof, I fall against the door.

"That's quite the act you still got going."

My head jerks up to see a familiar face.

"Finn." I cheer.

I suddenly rush forward with newfound energy and pull him into my arms. Finnick puts one hand on the back of my head and the other around my waist.

"You're back." He says into my hair.

"I'm back." I release a breath of air I didn't notice I was holding.

Finnick is the reason why I am here now. Without him I wouldn't have made it through the games mentally or physically.

"You saved me." I mutter.

"You saved yourself."


The pain in my leg is increasing. The knife I took to the leg from District One male during the bloodbath has dampened my abilities slightly. I killed his partner, but it's not like they could have both made it anyway. He didn't seem to like my actions much.

It's been two days since the bloodbath. My leg is still in poor condition; I think it's become infected. The wound is now officially slowing me down. Thankfully there is only three of us left. District One male is still hanging on along with a surprising District Eight male.

"Alright Finn," I call out into the sky knowing the Capitols cameras must be on me, "I'm cashing in my best friend points right now."

"He can't help you out here." District One male answers.

I quickly hop to my feet to face him in sparring position.

"Thankfully, I'm a pretty independent woman. I think I can handle myself." I smirk.

"Wow, I got you pretty good there Four." He teases, admiring the blood that continues to poor out of my wound.

"Not quite as good as I got your girlfriend. It's that right?" The smile from his face is completely gone now.

"Ooh, did I hit a button?"

He doesn't answer my question as he charges forward in attack. I quickly deflect his blow and use his build against him and he goes barreling past me but he doesn't escape my sword which manages to cut him across the face.

"You've got to be quicker than that if you want to catch me." I smile, if I'm going to go out might as well put on a show for the Capitol.

He charges toward me again but this time I'm not so lucky. I fall to the ground and District one towers over me. In the process he's knocked my sword just out of my reach. My hands are trapped under his, I can't break free of his grip.

"Well well well Four, you were pretty confident going into this. You hardly put up a fight." He smiles, proud of himself.

"The scratch on your face begs to differ."

One's smirk drops and he looks to my upper thigh where he's already gotten me once. By the time I realize what he's doing it's too late and the pain is unimaginable. One managed to dig his finger into my would opening it all up and allowing even more blood to pour out. I didn't want to give him the pleasure of hearing me scream but I couldn't help it. It ripped out of me before I could do anything about it.

While he's distracted on inflicting my pain I reach out as far as my arm would allow. Just barely my fingertips can reach the edge of my sword. Without hesitation I grab it as stick it into his side before he can even react.

District One slides off of me to the ground beside me. I don't move to get up out of exhaustion. I'm breathing heavy but not heavy enough to block out the noise of a trig snapping not too far away.

District Eight male.

I look up to see he's places a ring of some sort of powder in a big circle around me.

"My plan was just to burn you both alive so I could win but now I guess it'll just be you." He says before kneeling to the ground to grab his backpack.

I sit up and can hear the familiar beeping of a parachute. Finnick.

"Well this sure seems like a cheap shot." I say out loud, hoping to distract him long enough to not notice the parachute and to not light the match he has now in his hand.

"I wish I had more honor for the hunger games, but I saw that entire fight and you could kill me with ease. I just want to go home." He shakes his head.

"I can agree with that. Could you do me one favor?" I ask.

"Seriously?" He seems shocked that that's what I'm asking for right now.

"Can you tell Finnick thank you." I respond.

"What for?" He looks down at his box of matches and lights it in his hand before looking up at me.

"This." I grab the trident from the parachute that had descended perfectly. Eight realizes his mistake too late, I've already got the weapon sunk into his chest.

Game over.

"It's over." I mutter.

Finnick pulls back and holds me at arms length.

"It's over, (Y/n)." He brushes back a strand that was loose behind my ear.

It's now or never (Y/n). I lean forward and my lips meet Finnick's. He doesn't take long at all to respond as he brings his hand through my hair. He backs me up until we hit the wall and can't help but moan into the kiss. He runs his hand down my side until it hits my leg. I yelp in slight pain.

"I'm so sorry." He immediately starts apologizing profusely.

"It's okay, Finn." I smile.

"Well lets get you to the infirmary. We need to get you all stitched up."

"I'm happy right here." I smile looking up at him.

"C'mon." He scoops me up and carries me bridal style, "The infirmary then we can continue."

"Sounds great." I smile and rest my head on Finnick's chest.

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