Author's Note

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This takes place in an entirely different world. The continent this story takes place on is called Ilhonia, it is split into two parts, Mahka and Vel'Shir. There are two races, Mahkans and Shir that reside there. Orcs are another race that are part of the story but they are from an island off the coast called Galore. They're raiders so, while they are found in Ilhonia they are not from there. Each race has their own distinct features, religions, culture and language, which will be brought up in the story. There's definitely a need to take note of the details so if that's not really your style then this may not be the best read for you. Obviously, I'm no master so feel free to ask if something confuses you.

This story is going to mean more to me than any other I've written. The general idea I got for this came to me years ago, as in I was still in high school so, yeah, a while. It was my first story idea that I would describe as "serious" or "novel worthy." I was always too frightened to write it because I felt like I didn't have the...skills for it? I don't know, I didn't have the confidence you could say.

I plan to post detailed descriptions of the races, their backstory, the countries backstory and short stories about the characters on my patreon. There will be some characters that don't have lead roles but have an interesting backstory that doesn't have to be elaborated on but some may find interesting. Stories such as those, as well as detailed character sheets after the end, will be posted on my patreon account.

~Much Love,

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