Chapter 36 | The Elf vs. The Human

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Marque and Agent 34 walked around the rooftop in a circle. "Marque, what the hell are you doing?" Agent 34 asked.

"I'm getting revenge," he stated with a smile. 

"For what? I thought we were on the same side!" Agent 34 exclaimed.

"You and Arenia! You said you were on my side about this and then you go on some secret mission and end up being all lovey-dovey with her! You don't just ditch someone, dude!"

"I didn't ditch you, and me and Arenia are definitely not lovey-dovey. It was nessecary to take down Agent X or that beast would still be a threat!" Agent 34 said, raising his sword.

Marque ran at Agent 34 with a sense of anger, slashing at him with inhuman speed. However, Agent 34 blocked him with inelven speed. The two dueled quickly, Braunick watching with amusement while Sercon and Arenia watched with fear.

Agent 34 tried to block most blows and not send any back. He didn't want to hurt Marque. He hoped this was a diversion of sorts so Marque could unveil his full plan and take down Braunick, but 34 had a feeling Marque revealed himself to Braunick so he could duel him and that this wasn't a diversion at all. This was a real duel.

Marque threw his blade down on Agent 34 and it collided with his chestpiece. The blow sent a ring through the air and a series of vibrations. Marque lowered his guard and Agent 34 quickly used the chance to throw his first attack. Agent 34 threw his blade towards a piece of Marque's armor, avoiding exposed skin and trying not to hurt him. Agent 34 guided his blade towards Marque's chest with immense force. The vibrations in the air from Marque's blow were still ringing, and began to ring louder when Agent 34 attacked.

Agent 34's blade sent a ringing sound through the air with vibrations everywhere. The force of the blow knocked Marque to the ground, dropping his blade in the process. Agent 34 took his chance and jump on Marque, throwing his blade aside. "We fight like men," He stated with a smirk.

Agent 34 threw his fist towards his friend's face, who grabbed it with ease. "That's all you got?" He said in a joking manner. Agent 34 threw his other fist towards Marque's chest, and Marque grabbed that fist as well before it collided.

Now, Marque had both of Agent 34's fists in his hands. Agent 34 smiled as he rammed his knee into Marque's groin and he fell to the ground in pain.

"Bastard!" Marque called out. "How dare you take a cheap shot!"

Agent 34 shrugged as he retreated to the back of the rooftop.

"Way better than the last fight," Braunick said, clapping with joy.

"I'm not done," Marque grunted as he pushed himself up off the ground, hands on his crotch. He ran straight at Agent 34, clearly in pain, and threw a punch straight in the middle of his face. Agent 34 ducked quickly and the attack went right over his head.

Agent 34 grabbed Marque's arm and threw it on the ground. Marque went with it, yelling in protest. "This isn't how friends work!"

"Friends? Friends?" Agent 34 said, backing to the other side of the rooftop. "You just got mad at me before the duel about me helping Arenia take down Agent X!"

"I never said I wasn't your friend!" Marque exclaimed, picking himself up. "We said we were gonna find out what Arenia was doing, correct?" Agent 34 nodded. "Well, we don't go help her do what she is doing, you bastard!"

Agent 34 ran at Marque, fist in front of him. A punch plowed Marque on the right cheek, throwing him to the ground. Agent 34 jumped on him and began throwing punch after punch, fed up with him.

"S-stop!" Marque whispered. "It's a rouse! Calvin and Ben will ambush Braunick from behind any minute now!"

Agent 34 didn't stop. He continued to throw punches, only a little less harder. 

"Kill him!" Braunick shouted. "Kill him, Agent 34!" Braunick leaned forward in excitement as he watched Agent 34 throw punches constantly at Marque, who only held his arms in front of his face in defense.

Suddenly, Braunick was whipped around onto the roof with them as Calvin tackled him down. An armored teenager who Agent 34 assumed was Ben jumped onto the roof as well and ran for Agent 34 and Marque and helped both of them up.

Calvin held down Braunick as long as he could, but Braunick soon was able to overcome Calvin's mortal strength. 

Agent 34 and Marque launched at Braunick with full force, which cause Braunick to lose focus and drop Sercon and Arenia out of the air. They fell onto the roof with a clank from their armor and ran after Braunick as well. The four Destigems tackled Braunick and held him down, trying to figure out what to do.

"Remove his gems!" Arenia shouted from the mess.

Agent 34's mind flickered with ideas. He quickly reached out to Braunick's mind and entered it with ease. He spotted Braunick's conscienceness that takes the shape of an orb in the mind. Braunick's orb was a sphere of unstable energy, black and white shades of every color. It shook and vibrated constantly, always moving and never stopping.

Braunick's conscienceness seemed to be in place. Braunick was most likely more worried about his real body instead of his mind. Agent 34 strolled around his mind, feeling free to glance at his memories at other things he saw.

However, all of Braunick's memories were chained up locked together by mental chains. Agent 34 couldn't view those ones, but the ones that weren't locked up were either insignificant ones like him washing dishes or recent events Agent 34 already knew of.

Agent 34 spotted the gems quickly. All of them had morphed into one, and he assumed when he removed it all of the gems would come out at once. The gems were normally a swirling tornado-like mass that took on the same color of whatever gem it was. Now, Braunick's gems had all morphed together after being in his mind so long and become one.

The swirling mass was now a swirl of multiple colors, but the ones that stood out the most were the black and white ones. Those two alone took over more than half of it, a gray glow illuminating from it.

Agent 34 approached it, and was soon cast out of his mind. He snapped back to reality and saw everyone was on Braunick now, struggling to keep him down.

Braunick screamed as he threw everyone off of him. Everyone flew in different directions, yet all of them landed on the same roof. He flew upwards into the air, raising his hand and emitting a black and white ball of unstable energy from it, much like the one Agent 34 saw in his mind.

"I don't care anymore!" Braunick said. "I don't care if you're my brother! I don't care if you have gems! I am going to kill every last one of you here and end this!" Braunick raised the ball of energy towards Agent 34 first, and looked away as he fired.

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