XXIV: Helpless & Hopeless

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~ Author's Note:

*** CAUTION *** This chapter will make you SICK on some parts. It made me want to puke. Lol. Skip those parts if you can't handle it.

Wattpad even rated it [R], so I had to add an asterisk to every words that was offensive. Luckily, it allowed it to go back to PG-13 so you people can read without having to follow.

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~Isabel's POV:

I sped through the streets quickly, but carefully. I was so in a rush that I hadn't manage to put my helmet on. The only one on my mind was the pink haired girl that captured my heart.

If ever I see Tom, I'll beat him senseless. Wait no, I'll make people beat him up. I wouldn't want to waste my energy on him.

His car had disappeared, and I don't know where to go, but I've decided that I'll just head to Lauren's house since we were near there.

When I arrived, I shut off my motorbike and quickly hopped off, marching my way to the gate. "Brandon, let me in," I sneered. I hadn't meant to come off as scary, but I was angry right now. I saw the douche's car parked inside.

"Isabel, I can't. Mr. Anderson said not to. If I did, I'll lose my job. Please, Isabel. I can't find another job since I'm a high school drop-out. I won't be able to support my family," he pleads sorrowfully.

"It's fine, Brandon. Thank anyways," I gave him a light smile.

Then I started yelling. "LAUREN! Come out, babe! Lauren!" I shouted. In times like these, I wish I had a megaphone.

"What are you doing?" Brandon hissed at me.

"Don't worry, dude. Your job was to not open the gate for me. He said nothing about keeping me away," I grinned.

I continued with my tantrum. I shook the gates violently. "Lauren!! I love you!" I yelled. My heart started to run faster.

"Oh my gosh," I muttered and covered my mouth shut. I was in a daze. I love Lauren Anderson. I started to grin.

I see Scott, Lauren's dad, appear from the doorway. I stepped back away from the gate, and onto the road. "Hey, you! Get out of my property!" Scott angrily yells as he marches towards me. His hair was a mess as if he ran his fingers so many times, and white hair stuck in many directions.

"I'm on the road; therefore, I'm not on your property," I answered smartly. I crossed my arms and challenged him.

His face turns red. "Get out of here, lesbian!" he says in a dark voice.

I wasn't scared. "How about... no," I laughed out, "where's my girlfriend?"

His eyes started to twitch, and he shakes in anger. "Scram or else I'll call the cops!" he yells as he picks up a large rock.

My eye widens. He won't throw that will he? I still stand my ground. "I love your daughter. It won't make any difference," I replied with confidence.

He breathes heavily. "You poisoned her mind, you sinner. Let her be with Tom. He's a male not a female," he spoke sternly.

"Gender doesn't matter. Love is love," I quoted as I smirked.

"You will go to hell, young one. Repent to god. He'll forgive you," he praises. What the fck? With that, he drops the rock, and turns around, leaving me.

Then I heard sirens. Fuck, the cops! They're suppose to be after Tom, not me! I got on my motorbike and drove away. "I will be back, Lauren," I promised in thin air.

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