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Nano means very small.

Bites are also small and quickly devoured.

Nanobites are tiny bites of fiction that can be read in a minute or two.

**This is NOT a contest or a competition. I only wanted to expand the experience to include readers too. I invite you to become co-writers in this book.


As a writer, I want to share this experience with everyone. We shall write this book together! 💪✌

If you're interested, please PM me your stories (under 💯 words) and I will publish them here and dedicate the chapter to you.

This way, other readers will get to know a variety of writers in the same place and if they like your style, they are likely to check out your account to read more of your work.

I guess this means free advertisement!

Actually, this is one of my goals. To help aspiring writers get noticed. I know how difficult it is at first for all of us on here, So I really hope this works out for you, guys.

Also, it would be really. Nice if you tagged a few of your friends to read your work and other writers' stories.

## There are a few simple rules to follow##

I hope you don't mind, but I prefer to keep this book a friendly environment for all ages.


-Keep your stories (PG13)

- No profanities

- No LGBTQ Themes

- Nothing too dark/depressing

Please, go ahead and enjoy the experience. Share your thoughts and show your support to the other writers if you like their stories, and maybe invite more of your friends to participate if they are interested. After all, Wattpad is about helping one another to be better writers...

Much love

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