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 "Zayn!" Paul snapped, interrupting our minor make- out session. "Five minutes is up. Get back out there! You're holding the whole rehearsal up."

"Sorry, Paul," Zayn said a little sheepishly. He kissed me forehead and jogged back out to the boys. Their choreographer was in front of them showing them some type of spinning move. 

"Gemma," Paul said, in a lower volume, "I'm excited that you're here. And the boys obviously like you, which is good. But if you keep distracting Zayn we're going to have a problem. I don't need a problem, got it?"

I nodded. "Absolutely, Paul!" I said a little too loudly. 

"Though I'll admit, I'm excited Zayn has a girlfriend who's coming on tour with us. I hate listening to Liam and Louis whine about how they miss their girls," he said quietly with a grin. 

"Oh, he's not my boyfriend," I said quickly. 

Paul raised his eyebrows. "If you say so. And to answer your question from earlier, the boys have to head to interview right after rehearsal. They should have some time while they're at the studio to be measured though, so you should just go with them. The faster they have their wardrobe the faster they can rehearse in them. The tour starts in two weeks, so I'd like to finish everything up."

"Sounds like a plan," I replied. I smiled internally at the thought of spending more time with the boys, but put on my best professional face for Paul. "Thanks, Paul!"

The boys launched in to Steal Your Heart and I wandered into the audience to watch them perform.

         Under the lights tonight

         You turned around, and you stole my heart

         With just one look, when I saw your face

         I fell in love

        It took a minute girl to steal my heart

As he sang Zayn looked right at me and winked. The other boys saw it and quickly started mocking him by doing the same, only in an exaggerated fashion. When Liam got his verse, he literally dropped to his knees and pointed to me, belting out the lyrics. 

"You have just got them wrapped around your finger don't you?" Someone asked from beside me. I turned and recognized the vocal coach. "I'm Claire by the way."

I shook her hand. "I'm Gemma. And it's more like they've got me wrapped around their fingers."

"They're pretty charming aren't they?" She agreed, looking at them fondly.

Suddenly I had a hand in mine and was being pulled onto the stage. Zayn sang his verse directly to me and I almost collapsed from excitement. Louis and Niall were jointly serenading Claire, who was laughing at their silliness. I noticed Paul off stage, shaking his head, but laughing none the less. 

Harry ended the song dramatically, stealing me from Zayn and dipping me low to the ground with one of his arms. 

"On that note," Paul said, clapping his hands, "you boys should go change. You've got an interview. Gemma is going with you so she can take your measurements."

"Smashing!" Louis said. "Let's get cleaned up boys!" 

The boys filed into their dressing room while I polished up my sketches. Once I had the measurements I'd go buy everything I needed. About twenty minutes the boys wandered back out, smelling and looking better. 

"Ooooo let me see!" Louis said, snatching my notepad from my hand.

"Hey!" I protested. "You could just ask."

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