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So the picture at the top is what the second choice for a cover was, but I went with the other. Let me know (or don't its up to you) which you like better and think fits the story better. :)

Yuri had been in the new house for three days now and avoiding Valeria while he wasn't in school was beginning to be difficult. He still went to the same school for the time being despite being given the option to switch. He was fine where he was.

"Yuri Plisetsky! Get your head out the clouds!" his Japanese teacher yelled at him.

Yuri's head snapped up and he mumbled an apology while Pyotr rolled his eyes. Yuri was just counting down the seconds until the bell rang. For once he actually had plans with Pyotr. He hadn't seen Otabek on days although the boy sent him a hello text every now and then or a sorry I'm busy when Yuri asked to do something. It was getting annoying and Yuri wanted to see his boyfriend. The minutes dragged by Yuri getting frustrated when he was made to pronounce something then told he was wrong only to hear it the same way because of his receiver. The bell finally rang and Pyotr ran off promising to meet him at their lockers after he talked to someone. Yuri smiled and nodded walking to his locker and packing up.

Pyotr ran up to him grinning and handing him a blank white envelope, "Some lady just told be to give this to you and disappeared. She told me not to open it and if I did she'd know."

Yuri looked confused and took the envelope opening it inside was a letter.

Hello love, it's been a while since I've seen you and I must say you're getting along rather well despite your reputation as the school sl*t. Know that I'm watching.

Love, the 'witch'

The blood drained from yuri's face. His mom. He had called her that once and she had beat him bloody for it. It had become something she uphold say when she started to get mad, what am I still a witch? She couldn't be watching him... The restraining order...

"Yuri? Hey! Yuri!" Pyotr was shaking him, "What's wrong man? Are you ok?"

"I- I'm fine...," Yuri forced a smile, "I just remembered I have to do something at home and can't go with you this afternoon. I'm really sorry, I wanted to."

Dissapointment filled Pyotr's face, "It's fine, there's always tomorrow right?"

"Yeah.... I have to run now or I'll miss the bus, bye!" Yuri waves and ran to the wrong bus. He knew one that dropped him off near where Varushka's school was. He could walk home with him and not be alone where, if the letter was indeed his mom's, he could be attacked. Yuri did so running in the little amount of time he wasn't surrounded by people.

Varushka looked surprised to see him, "I thought you had plans?"

"They canceled because of how much homework we had," Yuri lied. They did have a lot of homework, but Pyotr didn't care and Yuri had already finished it.

Varushka nodded and they walked home in silence Yuri constantly looking around for any signs someone was following him.

"What are you doing?" Varushka asked as Yuri looked behind them for probably the twelfth time.

"Nothing, oh look we're home," Yuri quickly went inside and up the the room he shared.

He had no idea what to do. The police wouldn't or couldn't do anything because he had no proof. What if it wasn't his mom? Then he'd be overreacting for nothing. Yuri pulled out his textbooks and studied trying to take his mind off the situation.


The next day another note came in school, this one with a picture of him talking to Pyotr.

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