"I ordered us a pizza" Blaze said as Alexa came to put Austin on his bean-bag

"Good for you." Alexa coldly replied walking away 

"I tried to place the groceries on their right shelves too." He offered following her lead to the small kitchen

"How much did they cost?" she asked without looking his way and his heart pained

"Nothing" he denied stepping closer to her 

"suit yourself" she shortly said opening the fridge and getting some of the leftovers out

"Aren't you going to eat your slices of pizza?" Blaze , like a sad little boy asked grabbing her hand as she tried to turn on the microwave

"I am not and let go will you!" she simply responded timing the machine with her free hand then looking harshly at his offending hand

"I am sorry because I forcefully kissed you." Blaze finally apologized "Talk to me. I came all the way here because I badly miss you. You became one of my best friends. I need you. I feel like I am missing a part of me when you are away. Today has been troublesome for me too. I just faced my runaway girlfriend and discovered that I am a dad. I am exhausted Alexa and I truly want you to be here for me like you always did." he begged not letting go of her hand. Instead her intertwined their fingers and tightened his hold on her hand a bit.

" I didn't ask you to come here. I was doing fine and progressing slightly. I was finally starting to let go. I am tried of this nonsensical relation between us Blaze. I also just had a horrible day . I had my first heartbreak and I learned that my son could be easily snatched by you if you ever want to ask for his custody. You can just take him and raise him with Cynthia..." Alexa now fully sobbed and when Blaze moved to hug her , her free hand stretched to stop him

"Why would I do so? He calls you mama, not Cynthia. I am not that bad Alexa. I wouldn't take him away from you. Also what heartbreak are you speaking of?" He questioned truly puzzled unknown to  him he was her heart-breaker

"That does not matter now." She noted wiping away her tears and finally letting go of his hand

"Everything about you does matter." he concluded and she felt sincerity in his tone making her heart jump a little yet her mind flashed the scene from earlier breaking her yet again

"What did you decide to do about Cynthia?" she blurted out and regretted it  not wanting to hear about their story of rekindled love

"I got her number and texted her to clear things out but she kind of not so nicely told me to stay away." he confessed scratching the back of his neck 

"She has every right." Alexa mumbled but a small sigh of relief left her lips

"Are you going out with Theo?" Blaze finally managed to ask holding his breaths waiting of her to answer

"I am. I owe him one and a cup of coffee." Alexa explained hearing the beeping of the microwave. Ignoring Blaze's sudden glare she reached out of her food

"Does he know that you are married?" He bluntly posed again seeing her stiffen

"Well, I haven't mentioned such fact but he might have got it , from earlier." she simply lifted her shoulders and ignored his sudden hardening tone. He is always going through tantrums and it is better not to react.

"He better did." Blaze threatened 

"You said it yourself this is not real so you shouldn't react like so and Theo is a nice guy"  she mumbled filling her mouth with a spoon of rice

"If he tries anything I will..." he sounded wild for a moment but Alexa's new broken heart couldn't care less

"What if I allow him?" she dared and to her surprise Blaze so suddenly came her way snatching her fork out of her hand making her glare at him.

"Don't play games with me Alexa." He threatened once again sharing her glare

"What if I want to?" She spoke feeling a rush of sparks igniting her body. 

"You won't like the outcome I promise you." his sea foam eyes darkened as face neared her and his breaths hit her face

"I am not afraid." She calmly and slowly spoke and her new gained confidence shocked him "Now give me my fork back so I can finish eating. I have to give Austin, or should I say our baby, a shower after so." she completed grabbing her fork again

"Our baby" Blaze silently commented and continued to eye a silent Alexa .

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