Raph X Blind Reader

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i got this from reading a book that terrorized that Raph was blind but instead of him being blind its the reader i hope you like the ending <3 <3


(Y/N)'s P.O.V

i was sitting in the lair on the couch listening to Mikey play video games "(Y/N) are you watching this dudette?" he asked "hu um yeah bro." i said though i really cant cause well...im...blind and the guys dont know. master splinter knows but that's it and i planned on telling them today after all it has been 2 years since i met them. "my sons, Casey, April, (Y/N) family meeting now in the dojo." Master Splinter said as he walked over to me. i dont stick to the walls i grab his tail when no one is looking he leads me around when he's out here.

1234567890 time skip 0987654321

"(Y/N) has something important to say." he said as i felt his hand turn me around 'shit i was faceing the rong way agen' i thought as i stood thef for a secont5 thinking of how to say this "Well... um... i am..." i started but the rest got stuck "it is okay my chiald" master Splinter said holding my hand "ya'r what girly." Raph's broklend acsent said breaking the silents "im... b-blind" i said just above a wisper "thats a good one (Y/N)!" Raph said laughing i started to feal tears run down my face and i slowly walked over to the wall and walked out holding the wall and into the sewers to get lost witch is what happend

Big Red the jerk faces P.O.V

i was so confused on why she was going so slow until master splinter slaped me "you are a fool my sone, this chiald has enof people treating her like crap and now people she trust dont balive her." he said 'wait (Y/N) IS REALY BLIND!' i thought "yes my sone she is" father said

time skip

i have been looking for (Y/n) for hours now (Y/N) COME ON I SAID IM SORRY PLEASE COME OUT I THAWT YOU WERE KIDDIN!!!!!" I screamed as i serched then i got a text it was from (Y/n) 'it said ' i would if i could all i know is that it stinks and that im under a pipe in a corner and that you already walked by'

so i turned around and started to look under the pipes and aventuwaly found her crying "come'er." i said pulling her into my arms and slowly walking back to the lair

time skip

(Y/N)'s P.O.V

its been 2 days since i got lost and Donnie has been trying to fined a cure mikey has been babying me Raph has been my cuddle buddy and leo has been trying to help. "i did it (Y/n i found a cure!!" don screamed from his lab as he ran out in my directun from the couch and put eye drops in my eyes "wow who new you were so tall OMG i can see!" i said "lets go show the others "Raphi first!" i said as we walked twords the dojo "Raph!" i said as a red masked turtle walked up to me "yeah (Y/n)?" he asked "um your eyes are green!!!" i said "wow donnie stop teechin her stuff" he said "and you haw a cut on your plastrum shaped like a lightning bolt? i allways thawt it was a triangull funny?" i said "wait you can see!" he asked "yeah donnie found a cure red!" i said hapaly right then he kissed me "i love ya (Y/n)" he said "i love you to my turtle boy" i said poking his shell


how diod i do Love's?

i know i havent updated but ive been really bizzy with other stuff and havent found time to so thanx for stikeing around

By for now Love's ~Marcellus

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