#19. Bells Ringing

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Both Brian and Pac woke up before the crack of dawn, a habit that they both acquired back when they were trying to blow up in the drug game, which they still couldn't get out of their systems

"What time are your brothers gonna get here?" Pac asked after a few minutes of silence

Just as Brian was about to answer him, there was a knock on the door. Bri looked at Pac, who pulled out his gun which he had under the chair he was sitting on

Brian stood up, while Pac turned, not bothering to sit up, and aimed his gun at the door. There was another knock on the door, Brian looked back at Pac to make sure that he had proper aim on whoever was on the other side

Once Brian opened the door, however, both of Brian's brothers stood there with huge smiles on their faces, "Jy man, kyk hoe groot jy het gekry?" Brandon looked at how big Brian had gotten
(Hey man, look at how big you've gotten?)

Byron, ever the quiet one, just smiled and nodded, not really saying much aside from giving his brother a bro hug right after Brandon had

"Still ain't talking baby bro?" Brian teased, ruffling his hair

Byron pushed him off, "Moenie" he gritted his teeth, fixing the hair that Brian just messed up

Brian held his hands up, apologising to his sensitive brother for fucking with his hairdo, even though Byron would have to redo it again pretty soon

The brothers were kinda like polar opposites, where Brandon was the one who loved to laugh, have fun and just generally be the life of the party, Byron was the quiet hermit, who didn't speak much, and never really spoke up when someone stepped on his toes

But Brian and Brandon would always protect their baby brother, even when he didn't want them to

And as for Brian...seeing as he was the biggest kingpin in Kaap Stad (Cape Town), he was the violent one, the hustler who did everything he had to do to ensure that his brothers didn't end up like him. Like his little brother Byron, Brian didn't really express his feelings, but unlike Byron he had a dangerous personality that made him ruthless in his kind of business

"Damn it's been a minute" Brian sighed, letting his brothers in, while Pac put away the gun that he was holding

Byron gave Pac a curt head nod, making Pac shake his head and laugh at him, "Wat?" He looked at Pac curiously

Pac smirked, "Boy, you still mute?" Pac looked at Byron amused

Byron cocked his head to the side, "Rori, if I was mute, I wouldn't have asked you what" he said nonchalantly

Brandon couldn't help but laugh at how Bryon had responded to Pac. He knew that even though Byron was the quiet one between the brothers, he was the one with the most lethal tongue when he did decide to speak

Pac mugged him, deciding that it was better to shut his mouth then go head to head with the sharp tongued kid

"How's the wives guys?" Brian steered the conversation in a different direction

Byron looked back at his two older brothers, pulling a joint out of the front pocket of his shirt, "Firstly" he lit the joint, "we ain't married yet, so she isn't my wife" he said taking a long drag, "And secondly, she's a pain in my ass, but I love her though. So to answer your question she ait"

Pac looked back at Byron, "If she's such a pain in the ass, why you marrying her?" He asked, sticking his arm out so By could pass the joint to him

By cocked an eyebrow, then frowned, and ignored Pac's hand. Pac shook his head again, "Nigga, you still an asshole? Damn, I would've thought you don't do all that anymore" he got up, going to his stash to get himself a joint

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