#19. Bells Ringing

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Three and a half months later

"Morning angel" Mmapula walked in to a still sleeping Mona, "Today's a very special day" she practically sang, going over to the bed, nudging her awake

She groaned, "Mama, I heard you the minute you walked in, ain't no need for the nudging. I was just ignoring you ka bomo" she pulled the comforter over her head
(on purpose)

Mmapula giggled, taking the covers off her, "Tshoga. Hape ge gole bjana, o njalana le moshimane ole wa ko Williams, and you need to get yourself prepared" she pulled out Mona's beautiful wedding dress out of the closet, still in its protective cover, and hung it on the hook near the closet doors
(Wake up. Mind you, as it is your marrying that Williams boy)

"Ke makile (I've made) sure gore (that) the girls are awake, so that they get done before your slow behind" Mmapula informed Mona, just about ready to leave her room and to get herself situated

Mona finally sat up and stretched, "Ma?" Mona's raspy voice caught her mother's attention, "I know that me being with Brian was not something that you wanted for me, and you would've rather I be with someone else, but you always said that you can never help who you fall in-love with" for the first time in a long time, Mona spoke truthfully

"In this case mama, I couldn't help who I fell for" she looked sincerely at her mum, feeling the need to keep the peace amongst them

Mmapula couldn't help but look at her little angel, her little miracle, bundle of joy with nothing but love in her eyes. For a second she saw Mona's entire life flash before her eyes, "Nana (baby), this has always been your life to live, and I was never gonna stop whoever you chose to spend the rest of your life with" she sat on the edge of the bed Mona was still in

"Even if I don't exactly agree with your choice" she said, holding onto her daughter's hands, "And you've always lived your life as wild as your hair" she pulled on Mona's wild curls

Mona smiled, happy that this discussion was had before she finally said her I Do's to Brian

"Okay" Mmapula tapped on Mona's hands in hers, "You need to get ready. Your hairdresser and makeup artist will be here in a few, now get up" she stood up, "You have to make sure that you freshly washed before they both get here"

Mona nodded, finally getting out of bed, "I love you ma" she walked to her bathroom

"I love you too, angel" Mmapula whispered. She never thought in a million years that she'd see the day that her little girl would get married. With the way she was, as head strong as she was, had her believing that Mona would've never gotten married

But here they all were, all the bickering and fighting aside, this was a momentous moment for someone who meant a lot to her entire family, including her husband's family as well

"Momo, you makeup artist is the one who'll be doing your nails too" Mmapula yelled from the bathroom door, before leaving Mona to go fix herself up


Smoke blew out of his mouth, a cigar between his fingers being the source, "Hou voël jy?" Pac asked his boy, both the best friends sitting back on the chairs out on the balcony of their hotel room
(How you feel?)

Brian took another drag off his cigar, "Boy, I'm nervous, but hella excited" he smiled, with every word he spoke, smoke coming out

Pac smiled back, nodding as he look out into the horizon, "Man, if I was you I'd feel the same way too" he admitted

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