Chapter 31

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The remainder of the drive home went rather smoothly. Driving through the night, and through most of the next day, the sight of the castle gave Aylin some much needed comfort. As expected, Quill, and Angus were waiting outside. 

Quill opened Aylin's door, helping her down. "You guys are back early."

Coming around the car, Ezekiel tossed his bag at Quill. "We ran into a serious problem on the road." His eyes went to Aylin, Quill caught onto his meaning. Placing a large hand on her back, they went inside. "We should get cleaned up, then have a meeting." 

Nodding in acknowledgement, the two went to their room to clean up from their journey. Almost instantly, Ezekiel started to strip down, while Aylin put her things away in their appropriate place. 

Turning back around, she got a slight shock when her eyes caught sight of her mate, standing there watching her, in the buff. A sly smirk crept across his stubble laden face. The deep blush that crawled across her features made his smirk even larger. "Still embarrassed, love?" silently nodding, she turned back to putting her things away. Slightly discouraged at his mate's reaction, Ezekiel turned up the heat. Enveloping her in his large arms, he left a small kiss on her mark. The immediate trembling of her body made him harden. "Come shower with me," he purred in her ear.

Leaning her head back against his muscled chest, the warmth that she felt was nothing like it was before. Every bone on her body warmed, making a heat pool in her core. "You are such a tease," she groaned. 

"It isn't a tease, if you follow through," he countered. 

Sliding his hands around, he slowly unbuttoned her jeans, lightly tugging them down. Once on the floor, he slipped her shirt off, throwing it somewhere in the room. Unable to contain himself anymore, he spun her around, throwing her over his shoulder. Dazed slightly, Ezekiel's shoulder was cutting into her stomach. Before she could protest, Aylin found herself on her own two feet in the bathroom.

Tilting her chin up to meet his gaze, the crimson never left her cheeks. Chuckling slightly, he bent down softly kissing her lips. Sliding her hands over his shoulders, the muscles in his shoulders tensed under her touch. 

"We'll never make the meeting in time if we do this now." Her voice wavered, feeling his soft lips tenderly sucking, and nipping on her skin. 

Grunting in response, Aylin giggled. Suddenly, she was off her feet. Rather than waste anymore time, Ezekiel picked her up by her waist, backing them both into the shower. Swiftly removing her bra, and panties, he growled at the sight. "This is how I prefer seeing you."

'Hey, you two! Move your asses, we have a meeting!' Quill's voice rang through their heads like a bell. 

'Who do you think you're talking to?!' Ezekiel growled back.

'That's enough, now! We'll hurry up.' Aylin cut them both off before serious words were exchanged. Shooting a glare to his mate, he crossed his arms formidably. "Oh please, don't look at me like that. If I didn't cut you two off, then blood would be spilled." 

Turning her back to start the water, Aylin found herself thrust against the cold, dark tiles. Pinning her to the wall, Ezekiel felt satisfaction rising through him teaching his mate a lesson. "You know how bad you are?" he seductively purred in her ear. Struggling slightly against him, Aylin knew there was no point. Not only was he exponentially stronger than she was, but he was also more than twice her size. "Ah, Ah. If you struggle, I'll punish you twice as badly."

Barely able to turn her head, she spoke into the wall. "You are a vicious mate, Your Majesty." 

"Perhaps I'm simply teaching you whom your Alpha is, my darling Queen." The words that left his lips made Aylin shudder visibly. Seeing her trembling form, there was an opportunity. Burying his nose in her hair, at the same time his hands made their way downward. Instantly, he could smell the sweet aroma of her arousal. "You drive me wild, baby." 

"Zeke...please," Aylin begged. 

Grabbing her hips, Zeke pushed Aylin forward. "You ready for me, baby?" 

Hands on the wall, Aylin looked back at her mate. The lust in his eyes was palpable. Feeling him at her entrance, an immediate moan left her lips. Pushing himself inside, she threw her head back in sheer ecstasy. "Oh, god...more....oh god, Zeke, please." 

Moans and groans reverberated through the bathroom, gradually growing. Moving faster, Ezekiel was spurned to move quicker hearing his mate moaning. The feeling he had when he was inside of her was something he had never felt with anyone before. Her quivering voice calling out his name as he pounded into her. The feeling of her nails dragging down his arms made him shake with pleasure. 

The knot in his stomach was reaching its end. Slowing his thrusts, he could feel himself harden further as he thrust his final one, unraveling inside of her. Wrapping an arm around her waist, Ezekiel pulled her flush against him, the water still coming down from the shower head. "I love you so much," he panted, sloppily kissing her hair. 

Slowly pulling away from him, Aylin's lower half was pleasingly sore after the brief tryst. Pressing her forehead against his wet chest, she smiled. "I love you too."

"We should probably, actually shower now."

The two shared a brief laugh before they cleaned themselves off. 

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