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Lester spent several days mapping out the DA's movements and marking any unusual activity then checking the locations out on Google Earth. As a result he had a half dozen potential targets throughout the city including the warehouse he'd been taken to when they abducted him.Currently he was looking at pictures evaluating which place they should hit next. Choices, choices. He had no idea which would do the most damage or how heavily they might be guarded. If he could avoid it he didn't want another blood bath like what went down at the factory.

The warehouse he'd been held in didn't seem to have any real strategic value. Something had been delivered there while he was tied up, but he had no idea what nor did he know it would be there all this time later. On the other hand there was the church Jackie had staked out had a lot of people coming and going but they had no idea what they would find inside. More people meant more resistance but also meant it would probably hurt The Count more in the long run. More risk,more reward.

He closed his laptop and put it next to his chair. There was no sense in rushing into a decision.

All around him were the boxes recently brought back from the storage unit. He surveyed them and debated unpacking his things. He really didn't feel like it, but things had been sitting there for over a week. Finally he relented, pulled himself up from his chair, and went to the pile of boxes. An hour later he'd barely made any progress a tall. Just like when he'd boxed the stuff up he found himself questioning why he even had half of the stuff. After the second box he gave up and returned to his chair. He pulled out his laptop and again went to looking at his maps. "Okay, let's pay that church a visit." He said picking his phone up off the table.

[You guys want to make a hit tonight?]

Emma replied first with


Followed shortly by Jackie's

[Works for me.]


Jackie pulled up in front of Lester's apartment with Emma and waited for Lester to pack the golf bags into he back. He climbed into the backseat and they drove off. He climbed into the back seat and they drove off.

"Everybody buckle in it's going to be a bumpy ride." Lester tapped Emma on the shoulder.

"Just tell me what to aim at." Emma replied.

"Were there any good places for her to snipe from?" Lester asked.

"I didn't really see anything but I'm sure we can come up with something." Jackie answered. "That's what we did last time."

"How exciting." Lester said.

"That sounds like a bad plan." Emma said.

Sometime later they prowled the street in front of the church.

"You say people were coming and going from the back?" Lester asked.

"Yeah.Near as I can tell all the other exits are boarded up, but I was in the car the whole time so I may have missed something." Jackie answered.

"Drive around to the next street over so we can get a look at the back. See what we're working with." Lester said.

Jackie drove down the street turned the first corner followed by another quick turn, then slowly crawled along the street until they reached the other side of the church. Jackie looked at the surrounding buildings which were all abandoned and boarded up just like the church. She saw no obvious place where Emma could snipe from. "Well,what are you thinking?" She asked.

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