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Lester hauled the gun concealing golf bags down the stairs and loaded them into the waiting Duchess. The plan for the night was group then food followed by they're very first attack against The Count. Jackie satin the drivers seat fiddling with the radio when he climbed into the passenger seat. "Ready for this?" He asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Jackie drove through the streets until they reached the community center where she parked near the entrance and they walked in together. They had arrived early so Lester set to putting out chairs with Father Bishop while Jackie made some fresh coffee. After the chairs were out Lester took a seat. A minute later Jackie joined him with a cup of coffee. It didn't take long for the rest of the group, including Emma, to filter in and fill the seats. Lester sat quietly listening to the troubles of the others while mentally psyching himself up for the nights festivities.He had faith in Jackie's commitment to the cause, she had already taken more steps down that path than her. Emma, however, he worried about. She still seemed reluctant and that could be a problem in the heat of things. I guess it's a good thing she has a sniper rifle.She can just hang back with it if she's not committed.

Before he knew it group had come to a close. The three of them helped stack chairs then walked out to the car together. Lester once more ceded the front seat to Emma.

"Where are we going for dinner?" Jackie asked once everyone was strapped in.

"Whatever is fine by me."Emma answered.

"Coney Island?" Lester suggested.

"That works." Jackie said.


Jackie prowled around the streets around the drug lab. They had circled the building three times making their plan of attack. All of them showed signs of anxiety. Jackie doubly so. She turned the corner starting their fourth circuit around the building.

"Hang on." Lester said. "There's a fire escape leading up to the roof.That would be perfect for Emma."

"Would it?" Emma asked.

"Yeah,you can get up there and get a good look at what's going on through a skylight." Lester explained.

"If you say so." Emma said, opening the car door. She then retrieved her rifle from the back of the car and began scaling the fire escape leaving Jackie and Lester behind.

"I'm going to park over there so Emma can get to the car fast if necessary." Jackie said, pulling over and parking.

"You ready to do this?" Lester asked.

"No." Jackie answered.

"Me either. Let's do it."

Jackie pulled the pair of MAC-11's out of her purse then slide the purse under the seat. She got out and locked the car once Lester had his rifle and a belt holding grenades from the back. She walked around the back of the car then followed behind Lester toward the building.

They made their way around the building to the door Lester had been taken through last time he was here. Lester grabbed the door handle and prepared to open it so Jackie could take the lead and run in unencumbered. He yanked the door open and Jackie rushed in guns at the ready.

Jackie's heart sank when she caught the full scope of what they were up against. The room, as Lester had described, was full of lab equipment but unexpectedly there were roughly twenty men working over the paraphernalia. In a heart beat she squeezed the triggers and opened fire sweeping across the room shattering glass everywhere and triggering secondary explosions. Lester came in hot on her heels firing the moment he cleared the door. Chemicals and glass spilled everywhere and several of the men working there had been hit as well in Jackie's initial hail of fire. After the initial shock settled the men drew weapons and began firing back at them. Lester dragged Jackie behind some crates for cover.

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