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Lester came home from work with a spring in his step for the first time in a long while. He felt confident in everyone's shooting ability and his aim with grenades had significantly improved. He figured he had a 50/50 shot at hitting a target with one now. All they needed to do now was decide when to make their move against the drug lab. The excitement had him almost giddy. Beyond the two places he'd been to, Jackie had added a second warehouse to the hit list. After that, however, he had no idea where else they could hit The Count. Somehow he needed to find some more targets or else their little war on crime would come to a short end.

They could always try tracking Emma's step-dad, but with him being injured he probably wouldn't be as active as he would be otherwise. Even so that might sniff out one or two places to check out for them. I need to look into tracking devices.He thought. But first dinner.He made something quick and polished it off quickly. Then he grabbed his laptop and settled in to his recliner.

As it turned out tracking devices were remarkably easy to come by. He honestly expected it to require find some sort of dedicated 'spy shop' or something. He found, however, that even major big box stores and places like Walmart had gotten in on the action. As a result he found himself spoiled with choices. He spent the rest of the evening researching brands, their product lines, and prices until he settled on a mid range device that should be more than adequate for their purposes.Armed with that knowledge he pulled out his credit card and ordered a half dozen trackers. Just in case they needed more than one.

He put the computer away on the coffee table and slipped on the TV. It came to life showing him the evening news. Top story; A murder trial involving a mother who smothered her baby daughter because she wouldn't stop crying.

"There's a thought." He whispered. "We can track the movements of the DA as well. That should lead to some interesting results.

Assaulting the drug lab dominated his thoughts despite his attempt to push them away through some mindless television. It would have to be late at night if they wanted to catch the place empty. Probably a week night as well. He really hoped the place wasn't in operation 24/7. Despite telling the ladies it would be empty he couldn't say for sure. Not without staking the place out which he had no confidence in their ability to do without being caught. Especially since The Duchess was not exactly an inconspicuous car in this day and age. Logistically it just wasn't realistic for any of them to observe the place for a significant amount of time in order to gather the information they needed. No,this out be a trial by fire.He thought. It's going to be a hell of a rush.With that in mind he decided to make an early night of it and turn in for the night.


Jackie came to work bleary eyed and exhausted. She had grown increasingly paranoid since the explosion and caught herself jumping at every noise or movement out the corner of her eye. She kept her purse on her desk, even though it constantly got in the way, just so she could grab her gun as fast as possible. After coming home from Lester's farm house she packed up some of her stuff and moved into a hotel for as much good as that would do. She couldn't afford to take time off from work so she was far from divorced from her regular routine. If someone wanted to find her it wouldn't be difficult. She went through the day watching the door as much as possible. Her hand even reached into her purse and wrapped around the pistol grip when the UPS driver came in to make a delivery.

She closed out the day with a sign of relief and jumped on the bus back to the hotel. As she rode at the back of the bus she noticed a pair of young men who kept looking in her direction. This is going to be trouble.She thought. She decided to get off the bus at a different stop just in case.

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