You and I part 1

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To be honest, before he brought back Samjang, he's always living in a dream, afraid that he will lose her again.

If you really want to point out any differences, that will be...he became more scared and insecure.

At that time, he fought and forced his way through the underworld. He fought the 99 trials of the underworld. The only thought in his mind was – to find her.

Different from before, now, he will keep her kindness in mind. When he faced off with the enemies, he tries not to kill to create bad deeds. Although for her, he can strike down any deities and demon that dares to obstruct his way. However, he knew that she wouldn't be happy if he did that.

He held back on the underlings. However, those 99 trials nearly shattered his soul.

The reason is that one of his eyes now lies within her. And at that time, she is in deep slumber on the wheel of reincarnation. Thus, the power of the eye is also sealed along with her.

He knows he's different from Ma Wang. When it comes to her, he has no patience. Ma Wang can hold back for thousands of years for his lovers, waiting for her life after life, yet every reincarnation ended with misery. Him, The great sage Son Oh Gong, can endure the 500 years of imprisonment under the Marble mountain, but that doesn't mean he can endure the wait for her reincarnation.

He cannot wait.

Not even for a minute or a second.

Ever since the short appearance of Jin Seon Mi's ghost, it has awakened his fragmented memories. After losing her twice, he no longer has any more patience.

The underworld is deep like the sea, complicated and unpredictable. The Spiritual realm has no say in the underworld.

The sea of monsters that resides there brings great danger. It's not that he's ruthless, but, when the thought of endless waiting strikes him, all the pain, anguish and despair from her death explodes to the extreme. To him, the underworld is nothing compared to this.

Compared to the pain of losing her. All the wounds from battles feel like mere scratches.

He was frozen and imprisoned in sharp ice for many years, he was then burnt by scorching inferno right after. When his power is nearly at its limit, that missing eye was always reminding him of his purpose.

If he falls down, he would never be able to find her.

After the 99 trials, he was bathed in blood. But, he stepped onto the wheel of reincarnation alive. And in there, he finds her lying dormant.

The ruler of the underworld was not as stingy and narrow-minded as the old hags from the spiritual realm. To show respect for his power and determination, the ruler erased Samjang's name from the record of life and death.

From there onward, Jin Seon Mi, belongs to him and only.

In this world, there will be no more human Jin Seon Mi.

She will no longer fall into the world of living or reincarnate.

Back then, when she was preventing the dark dragon from descending into the world, she took a stab from that person. The killer sword was drenched with darkness and evil. Those were stabbed into Samjang's body and the filth also engraved into Samjang's soul.

Because of that, every Samjang that died will not be able to reincarnate. Instead, every generation of Samjang lies upon the wheel of reincarnation, resting on there forever.

If he didn't look for her, if he broke his promise again. Maybe, just like Baek Lo, he will lose his lover forever.

He thought.... it's nice, he didn't choose to wait.

It's nice.

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