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Lester sat in the cab with a fat wad of cash folded up into an uncomfortable lump in his back pocket.Beside him sat Jackie nervously looking from the window to her phone and back again. Earlier in the day Jackie called Rimjob about acquiring a vehicle Now they were on the way to meet him and take a look at his inventory. Before they called the cab Lester went to the bank to withdraw a substantial portion of his savings. He offered to bank roll this operation of theirs reasoning that the money would otherwise go into The Count's pocket.

The cab stopped in front of a graffiti covered old factory where Lester paid the cab driver before getting out. They let the cab drive away before trying to find the door. "You sure this is the right place?" He asked as they walked around the building looking for a door that wasn't boarded up. Inside they could hear the sound of saws cutting through steel.

"Sounds like the right place."Jackie replied.

Finally they found a door and entered into a cacophony of power tools in the hands of a dozen men working on various cars. They approached the nearest men who looked to be doing the least heavy work and tapped him on the shoulder. The man turned around and lifted his welding goggles.

"I'm looking for a Rimjob."Lester said loudly.

The man took off his mask and set it down on the car. "Excuse me?"

"I'm looking for a Rimjob."Lester repeated.

"What did you say nigga?" The man asked with violence in his voice.

"I was told I could find a Rimjob here." Lester said recoiling slightly.

"The man burst out laughing."Just fucking with you my man. He's back there in the office."The man gestured with his thumb over his shoulder.

Lester simply nodded and let the man get back to his work. They walked passed him and around the car.As they walked Lester noted the majority of the vehicles were minivans and other soccer mom mobiles. They found the office and knocked on the open door. Insider they found a short Latin man who turned to them and held up one finger because his other hand held a phone to his ear. A minute later he ended the call and slid the phone into the pocket of his dirty coveralls.

"Whachu need brotha?" He asked.

"Are you Rimjob?" Lester asked.

"In the flesh. You the guys who called me about a new ride?"

"We are." Lester answered.

Rimjob looked Jackie up and down. "Who's the hot mama?"

"My name is Jackie."

"Well Jackie you are one fine ass lady. I can see why he's into you."

"We're not together." Lester interjected.

Rimjob clapped his dirty oil covered hands in front of him. "Then I guess today is my lucky day."

"We're just here for the car."Jackie said.

"Damn Jackie, that's cold."He made a show of checking her out again. "Mmm" He grunted. "Come this way. I'll show you what I've got." He led them to the back of the building where there were large bay doors and a car under a dust cover. "Lady and gentleman I present to you The Duchess." He pulled off the cover revealing a wood paneled pea green station wagon with chrome rims and bumpers. He stood there proudly next to the machine. "What do you think?"

"You've got to be kidding me."Jackie exclaimed. "This is the 'tank' you told me about on the phone?"

"Hey now, don't dis The Duchess. Check this." He pulled out a handgun and fired three shot sat the front windshield. It looked like the bullets splashed across the glass instead of penetrating it. "Not good enough?" He then fired on the tire which too resisted being fired upon.

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