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Tuesday Lester fully settled back into his old job. He found gossip quickly spread with a variety of rumors about his return and Lars' subsequent departure. Unlike Lars before him he felt no compulsion to assuage the wilder stories floating around. His personal favorite being that Lars had murdered a hooker and pinned it on him. Though no one seemed to be able to explain how he'd done it. Even so he thought it funny to see the scandalous tales spread and evolve as the day unfolded. By days end he thought he'd heard just about everything there was to hear from the rumor mongers. He clocked out for the day pleased to more or less have his life back on track.

With plenty of time on his hand she decided to hit up the Coney Island for dinner and see if Emma worked today. He realized on the way he'd become something of a regular there since all this trouble started. When he arrived he took a seat in his usual booth and began looking over the menu.

"Hey Lester. Coke?" Emma asked when she noticed him.

"Yes please." He answered.

She returned quickly with a glass and straw. "Just getting out of work?"

"You guessed it."

"What's it like to be back?"

"Good. There are some pretty funny storied going around about the whole mess."

"Nice." Emma pulled out her notepad to take Lester's order, jotted it down, and reflexively said"I'll have that right out."

Lester folded the menu and placed it back in it's place then turned his attention to the muted TV hanging on the far wall. He couldn't hear it but the lower third revealed they were discussing an auto recall from one of the Big Three. Something about spontaneously combusting when rear ended. One more reason for him to be glad he didn't drive. Soon he had his food in front of him and not long after that Emma finished her shift and joined him.

"How was your week?" He asked her as she sat down.

"You wouldn't believe who gave me a ride to the cemetery during my Ex's funeral."

Lester popped the last of his fries into his mouth. "Do tell."

"The Count."

"How'd that happen?"

"He's my Ex's cousin. His girlfriend recognized me and offered me a ride. I didn't want to be rude so I accepted."

"Weird. What's he like when he's not holding death threats over your head?"

"Alright I guess. We didn't really talk much. He kept counting the bullets he had on a gold chain around his neck. Like a lot."

"I think it's an OCD thing.When I dealt with him it was the bullets in his revolver. I don't need to tell you how unnerving that was."

"His girlfriend seemed nice though. As nice as a woman who dates a super villain can be anyway."

"Yeah, Miranda is something else."

"You know her?"

"Remember the woman from the bar? The one night stand a few weeks ago?"

"No way. That was her?"

"It sure was. Imagine how I felt when I found out. She told me her boy friend was a bad guy, but I didn't think he'd turn out to be the baddest guy in the whole city.I figured he was just a violent drunk or something." Lester shrugged. "I won't tell if you won't."

"My lips are sealed."


Jackie felt certain someone followed her after she got off work. She felt a little more safe once she got on the bus and no one got on after her.She looked out the bus window looking for anything suspicious but if she was being followed they concealed it well. Even so she remained convinced she'd been tailed. If they knew where to find her car they had to know where she lived. It wouldn't be a stretch for them to know where she worked as well. At least I'll be safe for an hour in group.She thought. No one would make a play at me with some many witnesses around.

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